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Here is a short clip of our blade maker, 2Lt. Prado, discussing the importance of the bolo, which is still utilized in close-quarter-combat by the men of the …

19 thoughts on “Military Combat Martial Arts | Filipino Martial Arts | Kali | Blade Master 2LT. Prado

  1. theunholysoul says:

    When I was a kid back in the 70s in the Philippines I witnessed two guys fighting in Tondo whom I assumed at that very moment were both knowledgeable of Arnis or Kali. Both men were carrying long BOLOs. It was amazing to see the blocks and counter blocks from both men. In the end, one of the guys got hit between the neck and shoulder area, which immediately paralysed him. The other man finished him off by hacking him further until he died.

    During the 70s and early 80s, that area of Manila was pretty tough. I know for a fact the majority of teens and adults were carrying at least two BALISONG or BOLO knives in their pants. That area made me tough, but joining the Philippine Army made me even tougher.

    Our beautiful and glorious regiment sent us to battle even before we graduated. We went into battle zone looking like soldiers. When we got back we all look like a bunch of weird long-haired unshaven HIPPIES in fatigues carrying our M16s and M14s. I do thank the Philippine Army for making me to who I am today and demoting me to bloody sergeant. I did get my rank back, but I had to leave in the end. Thank you for making me a complete arsehole in battle. Thank you to Kuya Jun, the best jungle tracker in town. He did not find our targets, but he knows where they went!! HA HA HA! He must be one old fart by now. If he reads this comment he knows what I mean!! HA HAHA I sure hope I see my fellow arseholes next year!!! Beers on me!!!

  2. MaharlikaAWA says:

    Can someone tell me how the Philippine marines carry their blade on their body? What straps, belts, and ways to hold it against their body when they are on the move in the jungle do they use? I have been looking for a sword strap online but all I can find is LARP or renaissance reenacting costume stuff.

    I have never seen a video of just the Filipino marines in their gear standing around. I only see them with guns or using the swords in practice but not actually wearing them in the sheath.

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