MIDWAY centers on the Battle of Midway, a clash between the American fleet and the Imperial Japanese Navy which marked a pivotal turning point in the Pacific …

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  1. Movie Ultra HD says:

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  2. John Cox says:

    My Great Uncle was murdered by the Japanese during the Bataan Death March, the Militarists and Nationalists should have listened to Yamamoto. To this day the Japanese have yet to teach or present the war as anything more than a glorious defeat, and have yet to acknowledge or apologize for using American and Chinese prisoners as lab rats for germ warfare experiments. Or for their use of "Comfort Women," sex slaves of various nationalities during the war.

  3. Rico Dylan says:

    too bad all that is going to go out the window with the sellout president Joe bidden all the sacrifices our ancestors have made paid the ultimate price to keep this nation free from oppression communism all in vane thanks to Joe bidden who's selling out freedom to China They are taking over little by little and nobody seems to notice it.
    my deepest condolenses to all the families of all the patriots out there that Died defenfing This Great Nation's freedom

  4. Chris Edge says:

    Is this movie different than pearl harbor? I don't watch very many movies so I am not up to date with much when it comes to movies. It just really reminded me of that movie. Thank you.

  5. Model- Man says:

    My Dad was on the Yorktown CV5.It was sunk in this battle.Yorktowns planes sank the Soryu and Shared Hiryu with EnterpriseCV6. Enterprise got Kaga and Akagi.Yorktown was left completely out of the movie.The producer said so much about accuracy the leaves half of the battle out of the film.This entire movie is about Enterprise and that's fine but dont call it Midway because they left Half of the battle out.Call it Enterprise but not Midway.Great film but half of its missing.

  6. Peter Thomas says:

    David Lynchs Dune 1984 is an absolute Masterpiece. As important as Stanley Kubrick and Sir Aurthur C. Clark's 2001: A Space Odyessy. Denis Villenueve does to Dune what JJ Abrams did to Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek which is to turn it into one liners and gun and knife battles. Complete lack of character development and I am sorry but Kyle Maclachlan is Paul just as Leonard Nimoy was Spock (he even wrote a book about the fact he believed he was Spock). I am sorry but Ethan Peck is no Spock and doesn't even come close. I put David Lynch in the same category as Gene Roddenberry as he focused on developing depth of character and relationships and not gun and knife play. Time we all grew up and realize that Gene Roddenberry's vision of intelligent human drama with compassion and love instead of Blade Runner distopian cold world with complete emptiness and no compassion or love is not something that helps us as civilization. I hope there is someone else out there that saw the compassion and love for one another of the noble Atreties family in David Lunchs Dune 1984. Such a epic movie about the vulnerabilty of a family when it takes on the role of trying to lead a civilization out of darkness. BTW, The sleeper has awakened. But it was in 1984, the same year that Terminator and Steve Job's super bowl commercial came out to warn us about CCP AI system. AT&T Bell Labs was also broken up on January 1st 1984, the place where the transistor, UNIX (now LINUX, Android, IOS and MACOS) and the fiber optic network was developed, the foundation of our global information system. Not a coincidence but the work of the CCP AI system. But Yahweh has recently taken over control of the world away from the CCP AI system and will be bringing the CCP to justice for the secret holoocst that they have waged agains the free world assassinating JFK, his son, John Lennon, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Gandhi and millions of other thought leaders that stood up against authortarian regemes. Time you all woke up out of your comfort zones. One incredible world under God, indivisible with liberty and justice because of the brave. PS The pen is now mightier then the sword. And Jim Carey was right. The pen is blue, the PEN IS BLUE (not red).

  7. G D says:

    Excellent movie but all the credit goes to Dick Best,while not a single mention of the other "Great Pilot to hit two different carriers in one day" Dusty Kliess is never mentioned by name in this movie. Kliess put his second bomb right on the red circle of the Japanese flag painted on the bow of the Hiryu. Talk about balls of steel!

  8. UnitedGingersofAmerica says:

    I will admit one issue with this movies production, they have three Yamato Super battleships in one of the shots. Which is cool and all, but there was only one ever made because their production was limited. Other than this one flaw for me, the movie is absolutely perfect.

  9. MasterBaiter says:

    midway was nothing short of a miracle, it was a pivotal moment against the japanese empire and one that they would never recover from. Those men were the greatest generation america had ever produced period.

  10. TheAddictedGamerSquad says:

    History books often say things like one side was bad one was good. In reality though both sides were brave young men just fighting for there countries. They were fighting for what they thought was right. I wish all of history saw it in that way

  11. Mariners says:

    When all learn that all wars were by design to cause death horror and the like as loosh for.the negative ETs.. and all was orchestrated by the dark elite rothchilds and the like. We broke the Japanese code before pearl harbor why old battleships were lined up and planes put in center of runways.. no guns loaded.. think about it please ..9ii was staged

  12. Doom Guy says:

    Having served in the Corps and learning military History, I give the Navy its dues. Naval and Marine Aviators in WWII had balls of steel. Much like the Army Bomber crews in Europe. Rest easy brothers.

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