Michael Reinoehl Killed By Feds: Context | Updated Information | Analysis



Michael Reinoehl was the suspected shooter of Aaron Danielson, a participant in a provoking and violent Trump Motorcade through Portland, Oregon with …

15 thoughts on “Michael Reinoehl Killed By Feds: Context | Updated Information | Analysis

  1. tiffany young says:

    Aaron Danielson was a few blocks from his house. He went out to get a burrito. He lives there. There was no friend. He was stalking them. O'Regan is not even a stand your ground state even if it was true bear mace but Danielson pulled it out second. Michael was a felon and in illegal possession of a gun. If it was such self defense why would he flees the scene? Both him and his imaginary friend flee the scene and neither even called an ambulance. BS. he's nuts he said in the interview he saw people in the city driving cars with American flags meant their not regular people. If he was confident he wouldn't of fled the state and he wouldn't of fled the scene. His so called friend has just vanished. Who's this friend and where he is that should be speaking out as a wittness. This guy Michael was used by Antifa and when he completed his mission they turned in his location. which is why he left his house and pulled up beside the undercover SUV he thought he meeting his contact

  2. Texcatlipoca Junior says:

    Jeremy Christian is a violent nut case. Previously shot in the face by cops and should never have been free on the streets. Danielson by standing up for him was full of BS. Both sides in this ongoing fiasco are assholes. Michael R. wasn't doing anything except looking for trouble and ran away after stalking and killing the other idiot. There is no justifying either side so stop trying.

  3. f c says:

    I really liked your analysis, did not see it all, but going to. What I would like to say to the people is that street protest is not the way. You are very vulnerable to government infiltration, false flag operations and provocation. I mean, these are standard procedures. It would probably be more productive to learn and understand the situation: understand your real human rights, understand your status, how the system works and what can you do to change it. I don't know what proof exist that this things really happened, but there is always the possibility they were orchestrated.

  4. Damian Rossi says:

    I really like your content. I’d offer one criticism of your breakdown, when talking about the bias that police have towards the actions of the differing factions, you must mention the fact that the far-left protesters are protesting the police directly. Foregoing the infinite “chicken/egg” argument as to which came first and why, the truth is the left and law enforcement have beef and when human psychology is applied to the scenario, they’re gonna be biased at least some times. It isn’t a snapshot of a grand conspiracy, it’s human nature. My two cents.

  5. Kymmberliestarr says:

    What you failed to show was they never said here are some anti-fascist the man actually yelled here are some Trump supporters. That's the facts. I don't care what side you're own. Left, middle, right or none everybody has a right to be on public streets not just one group. Let's get that straight right now. I don't care what side you're on if your cross the line pay the price. If you're antifa, right wing, blm aliens I don't care but if you target anybody with a paint ball gun and shoot them, spit on them, burn their property, loot riot, I don't give a crap they should get the law called on them. Just like those people that broke down the gate and swormed people's private property go to jail, pay a fine. What's right is what's right for all. Don't bring your butt to where I'm eating and scream at me like a baby until you bully me in to do what you want me to do. That's a negative. Also if you're allowed to protest so is they other side. I don't know why that's so hard to realize. It's been like 100 days of just utter choas. Why must you be in the streets unless it's approved? Also you started the cops were suppose to keep them out of down town. That's not true. They have a right to be there too. If Michael can shoot a Trump supporter and claim it's self defense than the same should apply to Kyle Rittenhouse I would think. The fact is at least Kyle at 17 was more of a man than Michael who ran away. He turned himself in. It's funny how people only want to see what they want. I'm glad I don't belong to any of these groups. They're all bad in my eyes. When antifa sets building upon building on fire and don't go to jail no big deal. What's also go note if of course Michael had previous arrest records. One including racing his 17 yr old son going an 111 mph amoung other things but Kyle has never been arrested. He was also seen on many occasions cleaning up the streets and cleaning the graffiti buildings up. I like facts and real evidence. I'm on the side of real facts. I don't care what side of line you support. Doesn't matter to me. Do wrong pay the price. There's also great videos in NYC of POC pleeding for Blm and Antifa to get out of their community because they had already burned down most of it and stolen the drugs from the pharmacy amoung other things. It was powerful. She said if you want to help black lives then donate locally and not to an organization that doesn't even give back to the black community. I'd go read BLM page. I donated right to her. She said that it was mainly the white people with BLM and antifa tearing up there area and wanted them out. I watched her for a good 20 minutes begging them to leave and if they choose to stay help clean up but they eventually walked away and set a few more fires and looted the snack store. If you're going to report be responsible and report all sides or don't call yourself a journalist just call yourself the typical media. I can't stand bias reporting. Both sides have done some very horrible things and everyone that has should pay for their wrong doings. That's real truth.

  6. Huevos De Mexico says:

    If this does end up escalating to a very hot firefight in city streets do yall think the federal government will pick a side or unleash firepower on both sides to take full control of hypothetical situation

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