Michael Janich Shows How to Control a Knife Attack

Michael Janich, founder of Martial Blade Concepts, explains the concept of same-side control and how it translates from gun defense to knife defense. For more …

10 thoughts on “Michael Janich Shows How to Control a Knife Attack

  1. Just me Just me says:

    Lol, wow, just try it and you'll get diced. Find out for yourself, have someone with the smallest amount of skill genuinely come at you with a magic marker pen. Like boxing, like any real fight, there is no time for silly 'control' techniques, they are countered too easily. Only after going to ground can you have enough time to slowly work control techniques (grappling). This reality is easy to find out for yourself as I said. Just spar with someone that is countering what you are trying to do.

  2. Ryan Sellars says:

    Knife attacks are chaotic unpredictable you bring two knives into the equation one goes to the morgue one goes to the hospital…..
    You escape with your life I would deem you lucky no matter how much martial arts training you think you have.

  3. Acheron LV-426 says:

    Bullshit. Old budutsu traditional jiujitsu shit. Nothing to do with reality. Most knive attaks are low multiple short distance hits were arms are never completely extended so you can grab them and make a good lock like this video. I bet you 5 grands that I'll reach your body with a knife and you will never put a lock in my arm. Hands are faster than your eyes. There has been some cases were the attaker is drunk or dopped so yes ones they fail the first attack you can do whatever you want with them. A concient well built guy with adrenaline and the willing to hurt you….you better shut him, run or be ready to be cut in a couple of places before you control that weapon….if you are able at all.

  4. Adam Johannssen says:

    For me a long range strike like a kick in the balls is another great option, but I have Michael's unarmed combatives training materials and I think very highly of his attitude towards self defense….If you explore his materials further you will find the techniques such as being used in the video can be trained and implemented…in real life having a plan is better than no plan at all

  5. Tyler_ Lalonde- says:

    the bs here is you see it happen before. I agree if you are aware of the guy holding or hiding a knife them stay the hell away. but if this the most common then give us a way to protect us from the first strike while they grab.

  6. John Robie says:

    As someone who studies edged weapons and regularly spars with training weapons, these types videos are really frustrating as they are easily invalidated. As with so many other examples, the assailant feeds the attack nice and slow, without any real commitment, and is fully compliant.

    First of all, the scenario is set up with the attacker standing (not running, or even lunging) within contact distance, with a knife out by his side, and attempting to grab your shoulder. If this were a real scenario, your best option is to get out of dodge or take the initiative and attack first. If you stick around, you should be concerning yourself with the weapon hand (not the grasping hand).

    Here are the concepts that should have been communicated:

    Get to the outside of the attacking hand (not his grasping hand). While you're fussing around with controlling his arm, he can easily reach across with the knife and get you in the face (slash and/or thrust), or reach under and get a thrust to your abdomen.

    Additionally, a "control" is not a smart option when the attacker has an edged weapon (or any weapon for that matter), as it's too easy to get into a grappling situation (where they have a knife and you don't).

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