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This is my throwing demonstration for SonsOfDestruction of ZPI, by special request. I am throwing the Mercworx Sniper fighting knife. Its about 2 Lbs and the …

23 thoughts on “Mercworx Sniper Fighting Knife

  1. bdawk002 says:

    Thank you very much, looks like I'll be getting the Sniper then. And yes, Khukuris definitely can out-chop either and probably any other knife out there for that matter, lol. Mine is too heavy however to carry on a rig as it weighs well over 2 lbs., and while I have considered buying a smaller one from Khukuri House, I have not found any sheaths anywhere for one that would be suitable for any kind of REAL carry on a setup. Only the standard one with no retention device whatsoever.

  2. Nykodymus says:

    The length of the Equatorian isn't that significant compared to the Sniper but the weight is. If its reach you are looking for, them go with a Khukuri. Great chopping power, superior cutting edge, and a reach to make both Mercworx jealous. With my own personal training and experience with edged weapons, I prefer the Sniper. The Equatorian is my collectors piece.

  3. bdawk002 says:

    Thank you, and as for purpose, mostly from a collector aspect, but I would be using it as a last line self defense weapon on a relatively lightweight setup. I was just curious if the Equatorian's longer reach was a bigger plus than the Sniper's lighter weight or vice versa. I have never held either one so I don't know how substantial the weight difference is.

  4. Nykodymus says:

    It really depends on what you are looking to use the knife for. Me, I love the Sniper for its smaller profile, lighter weight (and even then its still one of the heaviest fighting knives I've used), and ease of carry in any position or attachment. The Equatorian is a brute of a knife. Long, wide, heavy, and limited carry range if you are carrying more than a side arm and a primary weapon. It's not gear friendly in my opinion. Also, I prefer the original grip to the chili pepper.

  5. bdawk002 says:

    Seeing as you own both the Equatorian and the Sniper, which would you suggest to someone who only had the money to buy one? I'm looking at getting one in S30V and the Chili handle, but I cannot decide on the Equatorian or the Sniper

  6. handcannon joe says:

    maintain what you will the wiki says its the sniper.Both blades look similar but the equatorian is just to big and wide.Thoughts on the goliath?(No 2 ways about it the goliath is Chris redfields knife.)ps….i also own the sniper.Im in the process of regrinding it to a 20 degree angle did u resharpen yours?

  7. Nykodymus says:

    The targets ability to swing with the force took a lot of the kinetic energy transfer of the blade out of it. I then performed the same test using 3.5mm leather instead of denim. The results were the same. Slashing was great, but the real destructive power showed in the stabbing tests when I mounted the "pockets" to a 3/4" piece of plywood. The Sniper when completely through the pockets, glanced off the dowel (taking a large chunk with it), and penetrated 1/4 out the back of the plywood.

  8. Nykodymus says:

    The original tests that I did involved stuffing a 1 foot long pocket made of denim (to simulate a pair of jeans) with bad beef steak and a 1" diameter oak dowel (wood rod to simulate the leg bone). I then hung it from a tree and took a full swing with the MW Sniper. It sheard through the denim and meat like it wasn't even there, and went 3/4 of the way through the dowel. I think it would have gone all the way through if it had been totally supported instead of hanging.

  9. Nykodymus says:

    I still maintain that the Equatorian is the knife template that was used for Leons knife in Resident Evil. I have recently picked up the Equatorian, and I must say that its a beefy knife, but only 1/4 more so than the Sniper. Both are excellent knives. I own both in the CPM S30 V steel. I may take your suggestion as well, but the video would be uneventful.

  10. x Moon says:

    NO WAY.. Leons knife is DEFINITELY THE SNIPER.. If you type in on google images "Resident Evil 4 Knife" one of the first pics to pop up is the Sniper side by side with the games knife.. The Equatorian is wayyy to thick.. It looks more like a small sword than a combat knife..
    On a side note i also think Criss's knife in RE5 is the MW Goliath.. It looks the same and fits the specs.

  11. x Moon says:

    You should do a review on this knife…People always want to do some resurch before they drop 400-475$ on a blade and you're apparently the only person with a youtube account who owns this illusive and legendary knife..
    …God damn that blade is sexy.. I'm afraid to buy it because double edged knives are illegal in NY.. I'll let you immagine what my reaction would be if a cop tried to confiscate a 400$ knife from my gear bag.

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