Melee Combat – RDR2 ONLINE Quick Guide – Red Dead Redemption 2



Medium Range Combat – This is a straight to the point, quick guide on how to improve your melee combat in Red Dead …

39 thoughts on “Melee Combat – RDR2 ONLINE Quick Guide – Red Dead Redemption 2

  1. Samuel Miseyka says:

    Fucking love this guy. The only person doing a straightforward video AT ALL. JESUS THERE IS HOPE. I’m one with the force, the force is with me. I’m one with the force, the force is with me.

  2. Visoth says:

    If anyone is reading this, can they explain to me how some people are able to tackle me to the ground from a standing position (not sprinting at me).

    For example, if I manage to wrestle myself out of a tackle, the second I stand up, the guy can immediately tackle me without running/sprinting towards me. He's just standing there as he gets up, like me, but immediately pushes me over into another stab animation/wrestle.

    Also, sometimes there is no struggle. They immediately tackle me and are able to instantly stab me. Why does that happen?

    If it matters, I play on PC.

    bonus question: if two people are running at each other with melee weapons, who gets priority in the struggle? How is it determined who is on top in the struggle? Giggity.

  3. Catlluminati says:

    I live in a region where rdr2 is populated by absolute ChadGamerAsiansTM and even when I generate enough electricity to power a city with my button mashing I still lose.

  4. Andy Kashu says:

    But you do know that you can turn on the tap assistent in the settings and set it to 'hold' ? This way you don't have to tap as fast as you can but just hold the button and the game is 'tapping' it for you – as fast as the game can – and this is the way most of the constantly winning players are doing it: they don't even bother to tap, they hold the respective keys. They don't have better tapping skills but only setting skills. It's a shame, but that's how it always goes, is there a way to cheat or get around an obstacle, peeps will find it, use it and play unfair. And you always lose the 'tapping' contests against them and wonder why.

  5. Andy Kashu says:

    My character always puts away his melee weapon after a tackle and starts fighting with bare hands… I have to let the dude go to equip my weapon again, then the dude gets up and, well… What the hell is that?! It's so annoying this 'mechanic' that I gave up on this BS. Also like he auto equips the lantern when losing the weapon when I press my numbers key, why not at least the default knife? Or any of the other axes I have…? How is the lantern a melee weapon, what has that shite even to do in the melee weapon section?! Geezus Christ, who programmed this crap needs to be incarcerated.

  6. xZANZIBARZx says:

    I was confused initially…I subdued someone and circle button showed up instead of the triangle…So can I still choke with triangle (a player enemy?)
    So you SPAM O , NOT hold circle?

  7. Skinned, fried and cut up potatoes says:

    :/ I wanted to know against npcs, the whole pinning people against the wall or the final animation being smashing the head on a fence seems to be very inconsistent. Also the game tells you to press Square to throw the enemy but I just let go of the enemy when I press Square

  8. Roger Dodger says:

    “How to melee in RDO”
    Step 1: don’t. It’s trash, just like in any other R* game. Whoever swings first wins 99% of the time, because they can just stunlock you to death. Try to hipfire a gun? Automatically get it smacked out of your hands. Try to run away? Their punches outspeed you and stun you again. If they have a knife, you might as well put down the controller because they can swing faster than you can block. If they tackle you, it’s a guaranteed death because even if you win the struggle, there’s a second or so where your character plays a ‘getting up’ animation that theirs doesn’t which allows them to stunlock you before you can fight back.

    Imagine a fighting game where literally every attack launches you up in the air, where your opponent can juggle you and you can’t recover. See how fucking broken that is? That’s RDO’s melee system.

  9. Will B says:

    Does anyone know how to get long hair if you're a male player because the option at the barber's isn't as long as I've seen with some people

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