MBC Guerrilla Video Volume 1: Concepts

Martial Blade Concepts founder and chief instructor Michael Janich explains why MBC is a conceptual personal defense system as opposed to a technique …

34 thoughts on “MBC Guerrilla Video Volume 1: Concepts

  1. F Mann says:

    Question on your targeting. Once you block and slash the triceps, you target the leg with the idea of dropping him or rendering the leg useless, and causing a potentially fatal cut to the leg artery. but once you have him blocked and before you move to attack his leg, a clean straight shot to the side of the neck is open or in a reverse grip , a slash  along the entire neck . Is there a reason for the preference?

  2. Crow Craves says:

    First off, good video i really like the concept of your style but there are a few things that arent either right or im getting it wrong.
    If you lean back like that isnt there the posibility  that its goin to hit anyway? like if he takes a step forward, next thing, most people i saw with a knife never swung it in that way where you go way to far, they always do many rapid stabs if the first one (most hidden and unexpected) doesnt hit 

  3. Stoney Lonsome says:

    really, I mean are u really that thick? Or do you just insist on being abrasive and refusing to listen to common sense? The man is teaching moron, not actually fighting. Of course you wouldn't freeze in place, when this guy goes full steam you can barely see most of his cuts. He flows like water. Now change your grouchy panties, powder your little lady parts, and maybe you'll stop whining, get off the couch, and do something.

  4. nala o says:

    @halfhausaman I'm still here LOL (I ran both times.. Kicked the dude in the nuts the first time and ran… I'm a better sprinter than martial artist 🙂 )

  5. nala o says:

    I really like the fact that you train in Ts and jeans… because I've been attacked twice in my life and neither attacker waited for me to put on fighting pajamas LOL.

  6. wyldewest278 says:

    @ Brassassmonkey Depends where you live. i highly recommend looking up the laws of your local state. Tennessee youre allowed to carry a four inch blade and lower i believe. Depends on your location as well such as schools, etc. Im sure just looking up online will tell you alot 🙂

  7. BareseMaledetto says:

    stuff looks pretty good, but it still seems to rely more on fine motor skills that have to be conditioned over time. I'm not sure that under the pressure of a determined attack you will be able to resort to them… with that in mind I respect the dude, he obviously knows his stuff

  8. blacksilkblacksilk says:

    If … IF there is no other choice – and no choice can I will admit that cover a lot of scenarios, so If by my best nstinctive judgement at that moment there is no other choice to save my liefe, my family`s life or perhabs a strangers life – the I agree, the i would rather take my chances with 12 instead of my guarantee with the 6.
    However, I want to practice so that I can shift my chances so that it will be less probable that I will have to face 12 or be caried by six.

  9. bladeimm says:

    This is the first time I've heard of your company. I've been involved in FMA for awhile. You have clear concise thoughtful instruction. Nice distilling of information. Wish you were in closer to Los Angeles. I'd like to train.

  10. blacksilkblacksilk says:

    True. Cut a biomechanical target, and the limb is disabeled. The beauty of the techniques in this video is – as far as I am any judge in these matters – that cutting the arm makes it impossible for the assailant to hold a weapon AND it is legally defensible.

    And I have seen enough good men go through a great legal ordeal, although they clearly acted in self defens. So if you train you One Reflex Singel Response techniqu it should disable AND be legally defensibel.


  11. docnightfall says:

    The techniques are not concerned with what's ethical or legally defensible. Striking to disable biomechanical targets (nerve/tendon/muscle) is simply the quickest and most reliable way to prevent someone from delivering bodily harm to you.

    Some systems emphasize targeting major blood vesels, but even with a severed major vessel, a human can continue to fight for several seconds.

    Whereas a biomechanical cut causes immediate disability of the limb served by the injured nerve, tendon or muscle.

  12. blacksilkblacksilk says:

    Thank you sir!

    Clear and usefull words for the blade.
    And there is a chance that you and the assailant make it oput alive. Ethical and legally less difficult.

    By the way I do not find it complicated at all. It is easy to learn, easy to use, and you can have fun perfecting it for a long time.

    This kind of training is pure gold – if you are willing to dig ist.

    Deep respect.


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