Maximun Knife-Throwing Distance (No-Spin Techniques)

Here is my maximum distance for throwing no-spin. I throw two Cold Steel throwers via Thorn style maxxing out at 36 ft. and a Smith and Wesson knife at 38 ft.

28 thoughts on “Maximun Knife-Throwing Distance (No-Spin Techniques)

  1. Jake Mosier says:

    I'm trying to learn how to throw a knife with no spin but I'm having trouble with the knife bullet spinning how do I minimize or eliminate bullet spin any tips would be appreciated please and thank you

  2. EpicBladeTime says:

    I liked everything you were saying as far as getting more/less distance on dif styles….     I find it to be the same way… people with more of a push throw like shuriken style seem to get much further capabilities, where the wrist and spine finger action styles seem to lack that distance…   

  3. flbk8597 says:

    I have a tip: train like a mad man! 😀 Honestly. you know what you got to do in theory, but you got to want to be able to do it badly enough, that is half the battle.

  4. flbk8597 says:

    Funny how 21 feet is your maximum consistent distance for spear style; that is my goal personally. I don't think any distance beyond 21 feet is going to be of any practical use any way, further out than that, there is probably time for someone to see the knife and dodge out of the way. You have excellent in weapon throwing, but I think Fedin, spear, half spin and axe throwing are the most important; I think these four when put together could constitute a complete throwing style.

  5. TheCombat KnifeThrower says:

    No problem. I also own a sure balance and I wouldn't recomend grinding the hump off. What I would do is cup the handle a little lower so your index finger doesn't make contact with the hump. Also I would recomend tapping the handle to make it heavier (this makes no-spin easier) Here is a video you may or may have not seen but should help begginers such as youself. It is called 3 spear-style/Thorn Throwing.
    Hope this helps and good luck to ya.

  6. ken witherell says:

    I guess I'm looking for free advice if you don't mind. I haven't done well with "no spin"(I'm brand spankin new to the sport), but LOVE watching you do it! I have a set of CS, Sure Balance throwers, and was wondering how you felt about the possibility, of grinding down the "hump" for a smoother spine, and easier throw. Keep posting…'re an inspiration! God Bless!!

  7. Ben Samples says:

    That's funny, You're talking "commenting" on my video but haven't posted any knife-throwing yourself or any other videos for that matter. So what I would like from you is LESS TALK MORE THROW

  8. TheCombat KnifeThrower says:

    @MrM00Mz Yeah, I prefer shurikens for long range as well, but knives are still my favorite . I just like there versatility and the feel of throwing heavy knife and sticking it to the target. Don't get me wrong I love shuriken throwing but knives are currently my favorite.

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