Maximizing Spear-Style Knife Throwing Accuracy

21 thoughts on “Maximizing Spear-Style Knife Throwing Accuracy

  1. 2012strangeshiz says:

    i stoped bullet spin with gripping tighter and throwing my arm faster, goes in the target with lil bullet spin when the grip between my thumb and middle finger are not pushing in the same spot and when i dont grip a lil with my other 2 fingers.

  2. TheCombat KnifeThrower says:

    When I use the term "Russian grip" I mean using a cupping grip on the blade end of the knife w/ my index finger extended up the side.The throw work great for long range (up to almost 30 ft matbe farther) 1/2 throws.

  3. TheCombat KnifeThrower says:

    Thanks! Yeah, I have been working on my spear-style (no-spin) a lot. But I also do a lot of rotational throwing as well in fact that is how I got started. If you're interested you can check out my channel. I do a lot of free-style knife throwing, montages, tutorials on different styles, tips, and drills. Anyhow thanks for the positive feedback.

  4. David Adamovich says:

    Hello, I stumbled on your video and must admit I'm impressed. Congrats on some fine knife throwing. Most important to me is that you know what your talking about. Respectively,
    The Great Throwdini, a knife thrower with an entirely different style of throwing (the "spin" stuff).

  5. TheCombat KnifeThrower says:

    To avoid horizontal deviation w/ a small knife I would keep the throwing motion more linear and add more of a pushing wrist action to your throw. The reason you have to use such a tight grip is that your release it very abrupt. All these traits are related to a shuriken throwing style. Hopefully this answered your question. If you want to see what I am talking about check out some of Houzan Susuki's videos.

  6. Mozartghost1791 says:

    Here you're saying to keep a loose grip. I understand that you can pull that off with a large knife, but what about a small knife? The only thing keeping it from rotating on the horizontal plane is your thumb and middle finger. If they aren't tight, my sticking rates decrease abruptly.
    Is there any important advice you have for ensuring that a small knife will keep its tip pointing directly at the target on every throw? Or at least avoid horizontal deviation?

  7. TheCombat KnifeThrower says:

    I see what you're saying I think what I meant was that when the shuriken starts to drop it starts to drop quickly as is the case w/ spear-style it is just less noticeable since you are throwing at closer ranges. There is more of a lob to the shuriken throws and the window of point first impact is close to that of spear style it just seem sless since you are so far back

  8. Hatheg-Kla says:

    I've had the opposite experience with "abrupt release" I find that the knife will tend to under rotate more with this than the later release (flicking/spear style) method, which for me looks like its causing the tip to drop abruptly right before the target. I may be comparing apples and oranges here though, I throw large spikes rather than knives (mostly) so it could have a lot to do with the balance point or even the grip.

  9. TheBlackDog73 says:

    Looks like ur standing about 12 feet out from the target. Ur tips on no spin are awesome. I've been throwing about six months, and my throwing has improved tremendously by watching ur vids. Thank you!

  10. TheCombat KnifeThrower says:

    Hey, I live in North Fl. Yeah, I would be interested in giving lessons. If not in Fl I have given some online tutuorials. If you look at the tutoriuals I did for MrMrSpy1 you'll get an idea of what it looks like. So if you sent me a vid of your practice I could critique your techniques and such which may not sound like a whole lot but I can show you MrMrSpy1 drastic improvements. As far as money goes you could send it via mail and if that doesn't work we could work something. Thanks.

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