Maximizing 1/2 spin Distance/ Knife Throwing Techniques

Hopefully this viseo will help you improve you 1/2 spin or blade held knife throwing distances. You can use these tips and tricks to improve not only your distance …

16 thoughts on “Maximizing 1/2 spin Distance/ Knife Throwing Techniques

  1. Ben Samples says:

    Hey, First-off that is different from thrower-to-thrower. So I would first develop a good natural throwing motion then I would start out about 12 ft/ 4 meters from the target. Then look how the knife hits the taret. If point up back if point dow get closer to the target. Or you could try no spin which is very rewarding in the long run. Either way you got good gear and a cool username that is one of my favorite verses. Don't worry about a sharpener your throwers will get dull no matter what.

  2. asiantalim says:

    Nice vid. Shows adaptability using the 1/2 spin throw from multiple distances. I know some people making the same kind of adjustments on handle throws (1 full spin). Something not all spin throwers are aware of, nice of you to post this video for them.

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