Matrix 380 Excalibur Crossbow Review: The Zombie Killer!

This is a video review of the new Matrix 380 Excalibur Crossbow as seen at the 2013 Shot Show. The Matrix 380 is a very fast and reliable crossbow and would …

12 thoughts on “Matrix 380 Excalibur Crossbow Review: The Zombie Killer!

  1. Roy Poud says:

    cool enough.
     though i have a excalibur xbow,and like it very much,,,,i cant stand commercials!
        i didnt need to be "sold" to buy one of these. it came exactly how i imagined a durable,accurate,relatively powerful tool would be.and it shoots better than me,perfect. i can grow(shoot) into it.
    i also read about a drop in trigger from trigger tech,, man,a great xbow,better! how cool is that?

  2. devil'sadvocate says:

    I love my Excalibur. I hope to upgrade to recurve soon enough but one thing I cannot figure out is why do they come with quivers? It takes me about five seconds to reload at least. Maybe I am just slow on the reload. I just put my bolts in the ground.

  3. Grant F says:

    Great video! I recently saw where Ruger became a part owner of Kodabow, a U.S. based recurve crossbow manufacturer. Read some good reviews on the bow and sounds like it has an AR type feel to it. I haven’t shot a crossbow before, but may check out both of these companies in the future.

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