Master Wong Wing Chun Training – EP 3

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22 thoughts on “Master Wong Wing Chun Training – EP 3

  1. Michael Loder says:

    Master Wong I am carrying on your Legacy here in the United States. I have been studying Kenpo for 25 years and now I love wing Chun and want to be part of your system..thank you for your inspiration

  2. IronFist Games says:

    Kudos to the big guy, he gave it his all every bit of the way, look at the torture he took just to prove his a good student, the other guy suffered barely any damage at all.

  3. Adventure - D says:

    really rate master wong ! would love to do the traditional training,, and need a better partner than a tree and tyres … would like more videos on what to do when it goes wrong ? like u go down or miss a trick .. oh and keep injuring myself lol , running out of tiger balm,, fitness is key

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