Master Wong Wing Chun Training – EP 2

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37 thoughts on “Master Wong Wing Chun Training – EP 2

  1. The Dragon says:

    Master Wong would you please tell me is that in Chicago i just very like martial arts i really want to train please tell me is that in Chicago i just live in Chicago i want to know where is it? I am really really want to learn martial arts guys tell me please who lives in Chicago where is good martial arts school i wanna learn

  2. IronFist Games says:

    This really makes me mad, he is the master, you should shut your fucking mouth and listen. He SHOWED why you shouldn't do that mess. Like he said, you should be lucky he didn't bust your shit up. I didn't like seeing that behavior from the star student imo. edit: its almost like two spoiled british brats being scolded by their parent. I want to see obedient students listening to their master so i too can get the encouragement to be like master wong.

  3. Roger Valencia says:

    Awesome video. Thanks for sharing. A suggestion for the guys training, master what you master, your ego will always be your greatest adversary. Listen to your master and focus on training, not talking.

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