Master Wong Vietnam Training Experience

Master Wong Vietnam Training Experience Spend 10-13 days training with Master Wong in the beautiful rawer areas of Vietnam. …

39 thoughts on “Master Wong Vietnam Training Experience

  1. DESTROY SnipFR says:

    can i see you in real life?? i live in France but you are the real master, and i wan't study with you for real. my dream is martial art, my life is martial art but i don't know the totality… and with you i can study the reality and the totality 😉

  2. Mousam Bhowmik says:

    Hlw sir ..I have a question for you…my question is how to deal with multiple aggressive attackers with different types of weapons such as stick ,knife, machete ,etc. ……plz answer my question…….

  3. MojaveDan says:

    Master Wong – I invite you to visit my place in Can Gio. We're 100 meters from the beach and the seafood is so fresh that it was in the ocean just 10 minutes earlier.

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