Master Ken: Knife Fight is Never "Fair Fight"

Master Ken and his faithful assistant Todd Woodland from “Enter The Dojo” teach us that too many martial arts styles like Karate or Taekwondo teach so-called …

27 thoughts on “Master Ken: Knife Fight is Never "Fair Fight"

  1. Dennis12869 says:

    Master Ken, there is this crazy Mexican with his youtube channel and his fighting system, i heard him calling ameridote is bullshit. You should fight him! His channel name is "Voto Studios".

  2. IceCold11235 says:

    So funny! And so true seriously! This idea that if you are a good guy you have to automatically be at a disatvantage is complete nonsense. The other day, my parents were talking about how this girl we know carries a knife around whenever she is outside, and they were shocked, as if carrying a weapon of any kind automatically makes her a bad person. And I said, Oh, she carries a knife? Well, more power to her! Naturally, they got defensive, so I had to intelectually demolish them.

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