Master Apolo Larda | Filipino Martial Arts | Combat entries with kali, escrima, arnis and knife

Master Apolo Ladra is an industry leader in the ancient Filipino martial arts. Here he demonstrates some tactics and how to enter with weapons. SUBSCRIBE …

40 thoughts on “Master Apolo Larda | Filipino Martial Arts | Combat entries with kali, escrima, arnis and knife

  1. Chuck Welborn says:

    My name charles lawrence welborn. My grandfather come from the Philippines in war. 2 he has pass when i was lil. want to learn this art for him something i can feel a part of my roots but i dont have money like that im from Charleston S.C. my number is 843 4767251 if you know anyone marter that might help me and. My wife learn this art let me know thank you

  2. FZ09 Rider says:

    I met this master in NAIA Manila Nov 20 or 21 2018 baggage area, i was waiting for my baggage and he was waiting for his so we spoke a little and he told me he was a Kali master, its great to see him doing a demonstrations. Cool stuff!

  3. Skip This says:

    A knife attach is really simple to understand. Don't participate by doing anything other than trying to escape. In all of these videos I see the same thing. The attacker seems to forget that he/she has two hands also. A real knife attack will have the attacker using his second hand to hit and punch also. It looks more like this

    The point of knowing how to not get an artery cut is simply to allow you the opportunity to escape. Stop believing there are defenses and disarms. Don't participate and RUN.

  4. Julius Arriesgado says:

    if those sticks hit your bones even if your body is strong like a ston once a stick lands on any parts of your body that has bones you would be knelt down. mark my words. there was a news about a man who was trained kali he had sticks with him as he walked on the road there were 3 men whose bodies are big trying to trap him and and even trying to kill him unfortunately they failed to do that cause they were all knocked down by the sticks.

  5. Boyet Maranan says:

    This martisl arts arnis was proven..this is very fatal if someone uses a bolo instead of a uncle was jailed 25yrs in prison.muntinlupa by using this skill..not all are succesful on rhis kind of martial arts aside from tough training you must have special talent to combat the enemy..pride of a filipinos.

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