Mass Stabbing – Defense as a Group

Today we are writing about a tragic event that happened in Calgary, Canada on April 15th 2014. A man named Matthew de Grood was arrested and charged for …

22 thoughts on “Mass Stabbing – Defense as a Group

  1. SSJ6999 says:

    When you guys defended you said a new scenario where he walked up with the knife which would be easier to defend. He has an object in the field of vision. Most people would look down and see. In the first scenario he already had you beat when you shook his hand, because he had one person already contained and no one knew he was attacking or had a knife. What would you do to defend yourself in the first scenario? Because like you said, that was pretty fast.

  2. Dreadkillz says:

    Very informative. It still takes incredible discipline to stay focused when someone draws blood and your adrenaline is running. Subduing the attacker will most likely result in injuries but it is better than the alternative (dead).

  3. Mark Henderson says:

    this just happened in taipei yesterday and people are asking why so many people got hurt and injured.  the fact it happened on the mrt (subway) and people had no where to run or hide or flee to seems to have slipped peoples mind, but the first part of this video explains it really well!!! 

  4. Sackstomp McScrotumpuncher says:

    Nick, you are an awesome human being. I'm a trained combatant, but even I get worried when a knife is mentioned. I'd rather have someone put a gun to my face than pull a knife on me.

    Your videos are expanding my knowledge and helping greatly. I subscribed to you thirty videos ago.
    It's truly saddening that this happened, though. I heard about it the day it happened, and my entire school was whistling with the news.

    Thank you for the videos, Nick. Looking forward to more.

  5. Asoka Mano says:

    I have done karate for 12 years and then MMA for 7 years, so I like your video but showing you being more verbal would have been nice. As a group it is important to have good understanding of communication in a situation like this before taking the attacker down. You may have seen the knife but you are also assuming your buddies had too other than that nice, fast take-down.

  6. Vex T says:

    Trust your *gut instincts* people, because it bypasses your mental bias and its been study by people to be accurate in judgment 90% +- every time, than consciously thinking about a situation; Google it folks.

    My empathy and sorrow goes out to these Calgary kids, and also to the teenage girl [Maren Sanchez] who was also recently stabbed at Connecticut, after the punk she rejected for prom, stabbed her to death; she gave him a fighting before dying from her injuries and he's in jail now.

    Insane and crazy people out there, keep your guards up and stay safe people.

    Thanks Nick and your friends, for showing us this much needed defense guidance.

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