Mass Casualty Drill | Combat Medic

This episode is brought to you by [RE-UPLOAD with CORRECTION to previous broadcast] Ryan demonstrates the mass …

42 thoughts on “Mass Casualty Drill | Combat Medic

  1. Pedro says:

    Pretty sure you don't toss the casualty on the ground like that. You would just cause more bleeding or serious head injury you may even cause a limb to fall off or break a weak bone. And yes I know its hard to move someone but dragging someone away that far is not a good way of moving a casualty. Dragging is more of a short distance move, like out of a door way or out of a hallway or to a short distance. The only time dragging to a long distance like that is used is when you have a med sled, just make sure its not being dragged over concrete because it can cause friction making the bottom very hot. Also the title should not be "Mass Casualty" due to the fact that there is only one casualty. This video really should not be on Funker since a lot of info is inaccurate.

  2. Steve Kaun says:

    Aaaaand remind me why your no holding your weapon at all at the ready, mind you your job is to defend yourself and your patient…

    Since when did ali baba stop drawing down on you when your dragging / carrying your patient… Just saying, 82nd ABN taught me never let your weapon down, always be ready to put rounds down range regardless if they are accurate, but as long as they are effective…. What a fucking joke… More like Ready up drill + patient extraction…

  3. germnbill says:

    Why do you guys never have any combat engineering stuff? I was an engineer and would like to see some of our tricks and tips on some demo charge stuff and so on I guess. 🙂 Give us some credit. 😉

  4. mekkyvideo says:

    Dear Ryan I have much respect for your work and especially for what they teach us in these videos but you can not throw a wounded soldier as you can see the minute 3:11, poor soldier is wounded and you already slits his back so !?!?!?     😉 😉 

  5. Richard Shapiro says:

    nice drill, nice vid!
    that said, this is the sort of thing where a little systema style conditioning and breathing could bring a real improvement in your time, when you do overload training, you basically teach your body to overload, which is good to help it grow tissue and nerve strength, but it's a bad habit, you don't actually EVER want to tire out.  this guy hit the wall on the drag back.  the systema breath training teaches you to keep yourself oxygenated and keeps you from going into anaerobic mode.  some of these systema guys, they just don't tire out, it's a real paradigm shift for those who are used to western sport type training, and a real potential to improve your fighting capacity.  again, great drill, and I hope that this is taken in the spirit of perpetual self development. 

  6. Grizz Axxemann says:

    Canadian Wholesale Ammo are scammers! They baited and switched orders, posted personal information on the internet, and outright STOLE thousands of dollars without providing one round of ammo or an explanation.

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