Marvel's Daredevil | Hallway Fight Scene [HD] | Netflix

Daredevil will fight crime anywhere, anytime. The hunt for a kidnapped boy, and the criminals who took him, brings Matt Murdock to a hallway filled with thugs.

42 thoughts on “Marvel's Daredevil | Hallway Fight Scene [HD] | Netflix

  1. Furious_ _DNA says:

    I love how Matt is always *”seeing*” something, he’s always “*looking*” at something. This show was beyond words. The best Marvel show, and superhero show I’ve ever seen, right after Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

  2. Bluemilk92 says:

    I've been on a bit of a Kung Fu kick lately, and when I started, I thought this scene was top-tier. After everything I've seen, I'll still say it's better than most American made fighting movies. They don't cut constantly, which is the most common sin. Though it does show why so many film crews decide to do so. I see why everyone does it. It must be SO hard to really sell a hit, when it's presented "as is" and not overly improved in the edit.

    Everyone on this show, stunt crew and fight choreographer included, are super talented. The whole exhaustion bit is a really good idea, but honestly it's the only thing that makes this scene stand out. I still love this scene, but it just makes me appreciate the stuff that's come out of Hong Kong even more. When you watch people like Jackie at him prime, together with his stunt team that had years of experience working together, it's just magic.

    Not a hater, still love this scene, show, and Netflix in general. Just pointing how how ridiculously, absurdly, impossibly, talent filled Hong Kong's best are. It's a tough act to follow, and even the best of the best fall short.

  3. DirdyJoker says:

    Haven't seen the show and I really want to watch it, but I thought DD was the only guy that was blind. Is the shooter at 0:41 also blind? He looked like he was going for a headshot on a guy that was 9 ft tall…

  4. Vegas Chapter says:

    this is straight garbage. dull and lifeless. each one his pucnhes is so weak, its quite obvious the actor is NOT a martial artist, nor does he have any tactical ability or military training, therefore he is also a bad actor. Please stop encouraging this nonsense.

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