Martial Blade Concepts Volume 5: Reverse-Grip Knife Fighting – The MBC Approach

Martial Blade Concepts Volume 5 Reverse-Grip Knife Fighting – The MBC Approach Featuring Michael D. Janich …

40 thoughts on “Martial Blade Concepts Volume 5: Reverse-Grip Knife Fighting – The MBC Approach

  1. Kamil YAKA says:


  2. Postmortumaz says:

    more dojo dummies slapping each other. a knife fight would never go like this. reverse grip? gg you should start the video by saying, "only an idiot would attempt to fight with reverse grip." the end

  3. FimmyV says:

    To me it just seems like a bad idea to do a whole lot of thrusting at all with a folding knife, but even more so in reverse grip. I know you're probably still quite unlikely to overcome locks like the Spyderco lock backs or a Benchmade axis lock for example but I'd still be nervous chancing it much…

  4. Casey B Undajon says:

    a system is a system, and I am thankful to be graced with the knowledge. as for the children commenting trying to prove what's better why don't y'all respect the perspective and leave the criticism in your head. a systemless system is understanding the perspective and creating your own path… there's a million ways to skin a cat

  5. White Wolf says:

    If you ever check in real life, slash the throat or the inside of the thighs or biceps. If you stab, stab the gut or the sides of the neck behind the collar bones and rapidly step backward. Not run. Never look away form a threat untill it is no longer a threat. But this will ensure the agressor drops before you are also mortaly wounded. I am a realist. These "techniques" are fun to practice but in real life there are no drills and no practice. Life and death, the man across from you will be fighting just as hard as any human ever has to stay alive, he will be wild and savage and "pinning an elbow to the ribs", is a useless time expendature that could be used severing or puntcuring vital organs. But even more practical, rather than being a hero, avert, de-escalate, decieve, decompress, or last resort, run. You have to understand these guys are making money "training" you so therefore there will always be new "techniques" but in real life if you kill a person, even the bad guy of all bad guys, you will see a trial there will be lawyer fees and legal battles that will follow draing time and resources out of your life. So if you have ANY OTHER choice aside from killing him, that is the best course you can take. With that said, if hes trying to kill you, fight like its yiur last fight because it could be, these videos are cool and fun. But as far as traing goes the only thing you need is to know how to check and hit vital areas quickly. Throw punches with your oppisite hand. Kick for the groin, knees. Spit, headbutt. Throw dirt in thier eyes if you can. Knife to knife, you have to take any advantage you possibly can. Not pin an elbow.

  6. M_Teague says:

    Assuming you're fast enough to perform a check in the first place, after you "check" why don't you just go for his body rather than focus so much on his arm? And in the time you cut upward and hook, that is time he can use to make a movement with that free arm, step, or something. Or what if he has a second weapon or steps more strongly into you? What if he prefers the blade facing inward and after you check, he pulls back and cuts your arm? Or if after you hook he delivers a nice knee to the groin?

    There's too many what-if's against a very singular approach of attack. 1. Check, 2. Cut. 3. Hook. 4. Cut. That's 3 moves in which you are giving your opponent a chance to react back and move; a single step or simultaneous punch to your face would ruin the entire point of the drill. It also assumes your opponent is going to be striking in a smooth, predictable pattern and angle within your own method. Most knife fights anyone is going to get into is against a street thug clown who thinks having a knife gives him an advantage, and all he's going to do is wildly sling and thrust with it against which all technique goes down the toilet.

  7. kmkfiction2 says:

    The reverse grip is so inferior that it is laughable. 
    Other than drill purposes? Not much use. 
    Viewers should check out my free knife fighting lessons on my channel. 

  8. nzane1216 says:

    My personal way to reverse grip-attack is to hold the knife reversed in my right hand and hold my rist with my left hand and then back-stab the target unknowingly and then covering their mouth so they cant scream.The stealth ninja trick.Much like video games but not.

  9. Wizard of Aus says:

    These exercises remind me of wing chun's sticking hands and rolling bong sau they are good to develop feeling like this would except if you did this blind folded the consequences would be a lot worse haha
    I will ad these to my excercises thanks for posting

  10. Robert Findley says:

     And yes, guns are mostly better, IF you have enough distance to get it clear and fire. But most experienced cops know that if you go up against a knife within 10 or 12 feet, no matter how it ends you ARE going to get cut. And a competent enemy won't show a knife until he's close enough to use it. At which point you won't have time to bring a gun into play. Three times a knife is generally better than a gun; in a crowd, at very close quarters, and in the dark. As for other weapons, stun guns are unreliable, knucks and blackjacks bring you in too close, and sprays simply aren't universally effective. A good club has potential IF you know how to use it (training in fencing or something comparable), but the way most people use a club is pretty ineffective and leaves them wide open to a good counter. Knives and guns are really the only effective weapons without years of training, and the optimal choice is to carry both… 

  11. Robert Findley says:

    Other factors (skill, reach, experience, etc) being equal, there's a word for people who employ a reverse grip against an opponent using a standard (blade forward, edge up) grip. The word is dead. Reverse grip has caught on in certain quarters simply because it was utilized in a few films and the choreography made it look flashy; flashy isn't what kills the other guy before he can kill you. The first time your opponent should know you have a knife is when you pull it out of him…

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