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44 thoughts on “Martial Arts vs Street Fights – Geoff Thompson on London Real

  1. Ormskirksalford Ormskirk says:

    Better fighters than Geoff Thompson have ended up in prison. At the end of the day, if you were a really scary fighter, who'd had hundreds of fights, the odds are, at some point, you'd have caused so much damage to at least one person, that you'd end up in jail. Of course, Geoff Thompson may be spectacularly lucky! Violence always has a negative outcome for all involved. I find constantly harping on about violence as a negative thing in itself. It is obsessive. You end up looking at the world through a pair of 'violent spectacles,' always waiting for a fight, always on guard. People go through their whole lives without having a fight. People go through their whole lives without becoming a victim. I'm all in favour of being able to protect yourself and keeping very fit, but forget the suspicion of the human race, most don't want to fight and the less you want to fight, the less violence you will witness. It has taken me many years to gain this philosophy and I hope it helps at least one person. Keep smiling and the world will sometimes smile back at you.

  2. Rose Divine says:

    You can control most confrontations by controlling yourself not to be impulsive. Be calm, fair and firm. Most guys know when to act but no point in making a situation worse when it can be sorted without either losing face.
    9 times out of 10 guy on the door beats average Joe but it's risk assement every time.

  3. Ronin Association says:

    Geoff Thompson is one of the few people who have based their self defense on actual empirical knowledge. His advice on the reality of fighting is priceless. I wish more instructors would use his wisdom when they teach self defense. Sadly, most people have never heard of him. Thank you London Real for the great interview.

  4. KeithH02 says:

    Im a big guy, a 6'3'' broad shouldered skinhead. But I have never had a fight since 12 years old in school, I'm not that kind of guy at all.

    But Mr. Thompson in his books (Dead or Alive being the main one) has showed me the skills to be aware and avoid trouble has got me out of a lot of scrapes ! I cant remember the last time I was actually threatened, but if I was I hope I will do OK. Like Mr. Thompson says "Put your drink down, Drink somewhere else and for the price of a pint youll save yourself a whole load of trouble!

  5. J. Dean says:

    I wouldn't say that blocks NEVER work, but I will say that blocks SELDOM work. That's due in part to the fact that we don't practice them enough at full speed in training, or in more realistic scenarios.

  6. Marh Mario says:

    Each person has his own pain tolerance some people can handle pain and some others are hurt even with a little slap .If you cant take a punch then you dont have to take martial arts training because even if you train you are a wimp and you ll never adapt to the pain of a real bare knuckle punch, because its your skin,muscles,bones and nerves that are sensitive to hits like punches, its your pain tolerance people .Dont get in to fights if you dont have a big pain tolerance.

  7. Patrick S says:

    Depends where you're streetfighting. In Thailand it's mostly knives, occasionally a gun. Mostly you need back-up, like some friends, relatives, or something hanging around. Otherwise it's 20 to 1, and you're gonna lose, unless you're Bruce Lee.

  8. Information Existence says:

    oftentimes, when I became scared, I tried to remember something. Anything that would help. But every technique kept resulting in failure or increased side effect of fear. So I instead took hold of the Lao Tzu quote saying, "The Way of the sage is to act but not to compete."

    I began to simply do. To just act. I found that I mentally (and because I see things in a first person point of perspective I saw only my story) I probably rewrote or made a bigger deal of a situation making things more complex than simply doing. So, rather than compete, I simply moved my hands. Like saying, "just because I won't deny doesn't mean I agree. Or, just because I won't agree doesn't mean I agree." Simply doing is as simple as saying, "Instead of fighting I made the gig purposeless, so that I didn't lose because it wasn't a match; and I didn't win because it wasn't a match. Only then did my animal instincts of fighting for a mate or scrapping over food finally subside. I soon after didn't fumble for techniques like a man in need of immediate but distant help he can merely see but not apply. I made things simply. I acted, not fought."

  9. Information Existence says:

    hit them before they think of hitting you
    hit them as they think of hitting you
    hit them when they twitch
    … sounds to me that that accentuates the best time to kick (to gain time) and to damage the blocking appendage. Even a dominant appendage. I've found that, when pinned or trapped, using your weaker appendages to fling free, slap, stun, and the stronger appendage to do damage or pry open the trapped limb works like squeezing jelly through a tube. The weaker limbs are water and smoke (fire because of slapping, smoke before fire) and the stronger limbs are earth and fire (earth because of strength and fire because of stamina). Like cracking a whip.

  10. Free Speech says:

    Shout Cheese then bang Bang. Read the fence. Geoff Thompson is there to help you protect your self. I have used GT anti mugging in so many potential muggings for that I have learned so many people. We are not all here to make money some are here to help.

  11. Love L says:

    A Street-fight last only five to fifteen seconds and it's more complexed than a game of chest. Their's no rules, no refineries. The best situation is avoid a bad situation don't let your ego get involved.

  12. Tyler_ Lalonde- says:

    You know why respect is bs in martial arts. There was no respect during war it was kill or be killed. So natural arts have been dumbed down and so far removed from real life they Will get you killed. But people that try going reality based also can be doing it wrong like so many others.

  13. melchaios says:

    Street fighting is a martial art on its own. On it's most basic level, the word "martial art" comes from the roman god of war Mars, hence it would be better denominated as "martian arts" (yes, as weird as that may sound) or "the arts of Mars", which taken into context would be even better represented as "the arts of war" since Mars(as a god) = war. And with this we can come to the conclusion that any compilation of techniques, habilities, tactics and preparation specifically designed towards the engagement of combat between 2 humans is by default a "martial art". Which in turn means street fighting when codified into specific conducts is a martial art on its own

  14. ChrisB says:

    Great Interview! 🙂

    But imo you should change the title because Mr. Thompson also speaks about Combat Sport.

    "Martial Arts and Combat Sports vs Street Fighting"


  15. Red Rum says:

    I teach people the very best self defence in the world – which is to avoid trouble in the first place. In doing so I'm often asked to go that step further and include actual fighting ("Just in case"). Whilst this makes sense, I choose not to because it's been my experience that the moment you do that, people start relying on their 'new physical powers' rather than avoidance.

  16. baldieman64 says:

    Posturing and pre-emption are fine strategies for winning a fight but will see you in jail.
    Always think about managing the perceptions of the people around the conflict.
    Ask bystanders to call the police, tell the other guy to leave you alone, step backwards, adopt a defensive palms out position – and then take the cunt off the planet.

  17. Thank Your Stress says:

    Geoff addresses the main issue in physical conflict situations I.e. The reptilian brain and emotional content in an engagement on the 'street' outside the 'dojo', where the 'acceptable' behaviour differs in changing environment and the willingness to engage

  18. Matt Mosley says:

    "in a pre-arranged fight, the grappler always wins"? …. Errr. no.

    Has the advantage, yes, but always win? Errr, no.

    The size difference has to be taken into account as well as the strike, how hard it is and where it lands (one punch can kill … even a lucky one, and trained people know this … so agreeing to take part in a pre-arranged fight … makes you a little simple.

  19. Brandon Griffiths says:

    see im a smart fighter. if its me fighting a guy with 5 guys watching I don't risk it most of the time. I train but always bring a knife around cus fuck it. I will hit the guy as soon as he is in range, more due too fear of what if hes gonna do this. I also was a street brawler before a martial artist so I have those instincts with training. most people train because they cant, or don't ever fight. I did it to be able to end it more quickly and more efficiently. they also taught us the points that can kill. I use that training more to avoid those spots though. this is the kind of situation that is ideal. ive seen fighters that train for years then freeze up in a real fight. also I make sure if im showing up at a setup fight, I have a car full of armed individuals on standby. thats the smart way to do it

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