Martial Arts History Episode 8 | Jiu-Jitsu

Martial Arts History Episode 8, Jiu-Jitsu! I am proud to bring to you Martial Arts History where I dedicate a specific Martial Art to each episode! There is a lot of …

19 thoughts on “Martial Arts History Episode 8 | Jiu-Jitsu

  1. skarnyfr ed says:

    Thanks for this video Amy. The deadliest weapon in martial art is you incredible smile :). But would love to see you perform tome nage one day. Thanks in advance. thanks for your work.

  2. says:

    good video, while many fights may end up on the ground a good fighter should avoid this if possible as stated in this quote "the ability to stay on your feet is very important in a street situation. Once knocked down, it becomes more difficult to defend yourself." now who do you think said this? someone from a striking art? skip down for answer

    the quote was from the very first technique taught in Royce Gracie and Charles Gracie's book Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Self defense techniques and almost every technique in the book is a stand up technique now I'm not saying there isn't value to ground techniques but in a real fight there is always the chance of multiple attackers or weapons and being on the ground in either of these situations is a big disadvantage.

  3. Kewl Dude Potato Lover says:

    this video was slightly mixed with brazilian jiujitsu focusing on more of the ground grappling in the clips shown, traditional jujitsu does have some forms weapon training due to the practise from the time era it originated so those could have been shown, ik sometimes it is hard to differentiate but bbj is usually referred to as 'jiu jitsu' and the traditional art is 'ju jitsu/jutsu', you could have also briefly touched upon how jujitsu is the predecessor art to many styles such as judo, aikido etc. and how bjj is not directly related to the original art, personally i think some things in this video could have been covered better but it was still a good episode nevertheless amy, keep it up

  4. Nahum Dyer says:

    That martial art is interesting and i would like to learn it someday even though i have nobody to teach me in person. I absolutely recommend that martial art to females. One of the most dangerous looking jiu jitsu submission moves I've seen done on TV is the Kimura Lock.

  5. Mostafa Farweez says:

    Hi Amy, WOW that's A wonderful video (As Always). 1 that I've been waiting for a while. Really Enjoyed it and insightful as always. 1 of the best known forms of Jiu Jitsu, is that is more known for (well for me personally) off balancing your opponent, especially if he or she is bigger than you, and for blocking their attacks as well. But it's more 1 of the martial arts that requires A lot of movement to put down your opponent from different angles. Comic book fact, Jiu Jitsu is 1 of the 1st and more frequently used martial arts used by Batman. Also, Jiu Jitsu, requires you to quickly strike your opponent to him or her dizzy for a few seconds for you to throw him or her down. O, Almost forgot, I remember, Humans have 3 types of muscles: 1) "White Mucsle" With explosive muscle, But can't last Long. 2) "Red Muscles" Lots of Stamina, But Very Weak. and finally 3) "Pink Muscles": which incorporates the Best of the White and Red Muscles, But humans have a very small amount of it. Some say that you can't change your muscle composition. But, I believe that if you train extensively, you can convert all of your muscles into pink muscles. Hope that was useful. And hoping to hear from you Amy, please tell me what you think and awaiting your new videos with excitement. P.S: Can you please make a video on NINJITSU, and in the work out videos on splits and flipping (front and back). Until next time Amy, This is Mostafa wishing you: Good Health and Good Luck 🙂

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