Martial Arts for Beginners – Home Workout #4 – Elbows



In this martial arts workout, we’ll practice two kinds of elbow strikes for self-defense. Feel the power and stay safe! 🙂 ▻BUY ANDO A PIECE OF PIE: (Thank you!)

20 thoughts on “Martial Arts for Beginners – Home Workout #4 – Elbows

  1. Anf Trew says:

    Thanks for another great session. I love how we seem to be building a, kata as we go along, but entirely practical. Sure I know kata are supposed to be practical but the application is often lost to many in the formal kata. Hopefully by this time tomorrow I'll have caught up. Then I can start over again with the previous sessions while waiting in eager anticipation for the next class.

  2. raven zetsu says:

    i like the warm up and the twist of body with the legs to the elbow.. im gonna use it in my workout…
    not sure but im comfortable doing an (rear)elbow after a lunge first then a small step from my rear foot and elbow at the same time like the 1-2 with steps… probably bacouse im doing the 1-2 with footwork boxing style that im more comfortable doing lunge first then rear foot step +elbow…

  3. steve brindle says:

    More great stuff from Sensei Ando who I have considered to be the best online teacher for some time now. I learn something new every time. Relaxation and breathing, in my humble opinion the secret to mastering any martial art!

  4. Trance Deuce says:

    The intensity is rising. Now we are doing some damage. Thank you for recording these. I've been re doing the earlier ones to keep up with the progression. Wonderfully demanding. You are a great leader.

  5. Lee Smith says:

    OUTSTANDING ! I have been a fan for several years and now you have outdone yourself. There are zillions of 2-5 minute videos demoing one technique, but you put training, prep, and action in one video. Well done. Two requests. your 45 minute videos are chocked full of tips. How about a simple list of activies for each video rather than following along with the video. Just list the tip and time in plain old Notebook style. Secondly, you have a Full BOB. I have been looking for a BOB with LEGS for a while. More realistic than BOB on a pedistal, since you can not kick the pedistal realistically. Where did you get BOB with Tripod LEGS ??

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