Marine Corps Martial Arts Program: Hand-To-Hand Combat Training



U.S. Marine Corps recruits undergoing hand-to-hand combat training during Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (MCMAP) tan belt techniques at Marine Corps …

28 thoughts on “Marine Corps Martial Arts Program: Hand-To-Hand Combat Training

  1. Tk So.Philly says:

    ALL that bulldog talk cost the United States government millions in voice reconstruction I'm sure.Has the jarheads EVER considered that when making wardogs???–

  2. MaharlikaAWA says:

    This is a solid technique and it plausible. Just one of many. Anyone who says it wouldn't work has no real training in martial arts. The goal of a Marine in a battle would be to stay standing and not roll on the ground such as BJJ escapes. PLus with guns and weapons you want to be on your feet and the other guy would too who is attacking you. So this would actually work if done right. But of course they learn more than just this and many scenarios.

  3. Pranay Francis says:

    People are really saying that the training is bad, they don't realize that they can't turn every individual marine into a pro martial artist since hand to hand combat isn't the most important thing for them, they can only teach basics and send them off. Where I will agree though is that rear naked choke defense shouldn't be taught in the little training they receive, it's impractical they should be taught basic wrestling and grappling and basic striking, things that they will actually retain in a real encounter.

  4. Kevin L says:

    Some commenters saying this is and training?!? Come on now. This is only one tenth of a hundred of the training. US military – teaches the most effective and dirtiest fighting techniques. Thank you.

  5. His Story says:

    I served in both the Marine Corps(2002-2012) and the Army(2012-Present). 0311 and 0317 2nd Batt 5th Marines Black belt instructor in MCMAP and 18D 7th Special Forces Group Level 4 Army Combatives instructor. The Modern Army Combatives Program is much more effective than the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program!

  6. Kevin Bollinger says:

    The marine hand to hand combat is basically complete BS it’s good if you’re going against some idiot who’s never fought in his life before but if you’re going against a person that only has about a year of jiu jitsu experience there’s no way in hell you’re escaping their choke

  7. dragonflymadfw says:

    Seems to be less emphasis on lethality in these techniques? My first martial arts instructor taught us his Vietnam era self defense techniques, which involve a lot of groin and throat strikes. Am I mistaken here? They all look great and are and seem highly effective, but less lethal? Any previous and current mc that would like to comment? I truly want to understand. I want your valued opinions…respect.

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