Marie Antoinette: The Last Queen Of France | Scapegoat Queen | Timeline



From Austrian princess to ill-fated last queen of France, Marie Antoinette’s life journey is captured in this meticulously researched documentary about the woman …

44 thoughts on “Marie Antoinette: The Last Queen Of France | Scapegoat Queen | Timeline

  1. Karen Gordon says:

    @Chrissy Knows It All
    No, it's not just you. That's exactly why I came to the comment section. Either the music has to be lower or the narrator louder. It's taken too much concentration for me to hear, I'm giving up. Next!

  2. Supervillain says:

    This channel is supposed to be World History docs but like 95% of the content is European/American focused. Super Eurocentric stuff.. what about South America/Africa/Asia?

  3. Pronouns ARE Stooopid says:

    Excuse me but this is a docuDRAMA & a propaganda piece, after all history is written by the WINNERS right!? This is SUPPOSED to be history in France so to describe them as "Republicans" is in bad taste! Call them wtf ever you want in French but do NOT use history of something which occured in another country in another time period to try and stir CURRENT hostilities!!! Sickening how you propagandists enjoy conflict & your yourselves will be damned to repeat history & with ANY justice shall become history's victims!!!

  4. ** says:

    Decent synapsis for a little over an hour presentation. Many details as to the vindictive motives of the Republic leaders, slanderous liable, the support of the King and Queen integral to America's founding and so many other important pieces of history were left out.

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