Managing excess webbing straps on backpacks etc.

After adjusting your gear you may end up with excess webbing straps hanging around. This can not only be annoying but in some situations it can add to the risk …

42 thoughts on “Managing excess webbing straps on backpacks etc.

  1. Casey Taylor says:

    Hi Aussie Mark – I'm Casey from Canada. I love your velcro suggestion – fantastic and I am going to use it! And also I was curious about the knife you used that cut through the velcro just as though it were butter. What kind of knife is that? I would like to have just "one" really good sharp one – just like yours. What is the name of it? Thanks so much for making this video. Kind Regards.

  2. Kevin 213 says:

    HI Aussie Mark, I am Kevin from Los Angeles, CA, USA. I have a much better idea . I use this elastic sleeve–> JBM Adult Finger Brace Splint Sleeve Thumb Support Protector Soft. I bought it from Amazon for $5.99 –
    This will give you a much cleaner look, just fold the excess strap and slide under the sleeve. I have some pictures of the finish result but do not know how to up load to you. hehe. I hope you will do another video and show how much better this will work.!!

  3. Tanner Anders says:

    Someone may have mentioned this by now, but you can partially unwrap the velcro, and then re-wrap it around the portion of strap below the buckle, to further secure it, and keep it from flopping around.

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