Man on top | Women Self Defense Tips

Nick Drossos demonstrates how a woman can defend herself when a man is on top of her. Subscribe to Nick Drossos: …

30 thoughts on “Man on top | Women Self Defense Tips

  1. MadBull RC says:

    The only thing though is that if he knows good jiu jitsu he will know how to break the posture and there's not really any strikes effective from there, you can't reach their face either or their nuts.

  2. Tall Dark and Handsome says:

    Good video, however, a man will generally be stronger than a woman most of the time, and also be more aggressive, so it would be very difficult for a woman to overcome a man, even if she tried to apply these techniques. Sorry, but that's reality.

  3. GiGiShrum says:

    Thank you, Nick. I am a sexual assault and rape survivor and my husband and I routinely go over scenarios so I can feel safe and try to defend myself so it will never happen again. I was not aware of the distance trick so I appreciate you bringing that to light for me and will remember that for the future. I appreciate men like you who are working hard to educate and bring awareness to this subject. Thank you.

  4. Mara Sa says:

    I fear I couldn´t overcome my inner hindering to inflict pain to somebody else. 🙁 And at the same time I fear I could cause much more rage from the man if my strikes wouldn´t immobilize the man immediately.

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