Man Fights Bear | National Geographic

A black bear attacks a couple and the man attempts to fight it off to protect the woman. ➡ Subscribe: About National Geographic: …

30 thoughts on “Man Fights Bear | National Geographic

  1. boo boo says:

    Black bears = timid??? Tell that to a geologist that got both arms chewed off by a black bear! It stalked her, attacked her and she lost both arms.

  2. Maria Kucinich says:

    going into bear country without protection is nuts. Even Black Bears do attack at times. One thing I find very tasteless are the stupid jokes at others peoples expense! I
    am not some goodie two shoes, far from it but making fun of people who get hurt is not funny!

  3. BozardsInAlaska says:

    The movie “Backcountry” was (loosely) based off this true event. No spoilers but although the movie included a predatory bear, attack, etc., the ending is quite different than the Mark Jordan and Jacqueline Perry true account. Good movie none the less.

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