Makoto Hand Forged Razor Sharp 41″ White Samurai Katana Sword – Square Tsuba Ancient Battle Warriors


This Makoto white battle warrior katana comes in many distinctive and eye-catching designs inspired by Japanese artwork and culture. The functional katana has a fuller and zinc alloy fittings. The tsuba displays two fighting warriors on horses. The imitation ray skin handle is wrapped with white cord, which looks great with the white lacquer scabbard. Anyone looking to expand their collection with an oriental blade that will stand out from the rest can be assured that this sword will do just that. The hand-forged sword is sure to become a favorite!This sword has been hand forged from 1045 high carbon steel. The sword has a universal hardness throughout the blade. The Kissake is well defined with an aesthetic hamon down the length of the blade. The top of the blade features a Bo-Hi (blood groove), to lower the weight and give audible feedback when the sword is swung.
Battle Ready! The blade is full tang, razor sharp, and fully funcitonal. Double pegged tsuka.
Overall Length: 41 1/2″ in saya; 40″ out of saya. Blade Length: 27″
The Saya (scabbard) is wooden with a white high gloss piano finish. Immitation ray skin wrapped handle with quality white sageo and ito braid.
Including black cotton sword bag for carrying and protection.

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