Makoto Hand Forged Razor Sharp 40″ Black Samurai Katana Sword – Golden Orchid Tsuba

Price: $52.99 - $45.99

The 27.5″ hand crafted and honed blade is made of 1045 forged high carbon steel. It is full tanged with a cotton cord wrapped tsuka or handle. The wooden saya, or scabbard, has a matte black finish. The tsuba, or guard, is metal alloy – as are the fuchi (collar) and kashira (buttcap)- and stamped with a beautiful twilight scene. It has double mekugis, or pegs, and is razor sharp right out of the box. It is an exceptional sword, especially for the price.40″ Hand made samurai sword
Full Tang blade with double peg construction
1045 high carbon steel
Iron tsuba, with imitation ray skin and black cotton wrapped handle
Including black cotton sword bag for carrying and protection

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