Making a Tactical Knife



In this video knifemaker Walter Sorrells demonstrates the making of a prototype tactical knife. Commissioned by a professional shooting instructor for concealed …

23 thoughts on “Making a Tactical Knife

  1. Arturo Solis says:

    I found when trying to tighten those pens that instead of using two screwdrivers I would go ahead and attach a set of thin vice grips to one side and used screwdriver on the other. considering the fact that you're grinding down the one side the vice grip would be on it makes no difference if they get scratched or not. this makes it easier to tighten them down and definitely reduces the need to curse. awesome work by the way

  2. gun gopher says:

    I'd love to see a follow up on this, how it performed for what he was using it for. Also, for stabbing purposes, could you get away with a slight bevel on the curved edge that could be sharpened? Or maybe a chisel tip on the lead edge? I'm just thinking about useful things I've seen on knives carried by EMT's and coworkers.

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