Making A Survival Spear As Defence Weapon

In this video I build a survival spear for self defence against big and potentially harmful wild animals.

48 thoughts on “Making A Survival Spear As Defence Weapon

  1. Arturo Martinez says:

    Pretty Lilly What do you think abouut making an stronger point by the use of fire (like our old friend Odysseus)?. I always prefer a pole with a iron poit in one side and a hook on the other to carry in the bush above any other tool or firearm. (also a Swiss knife, machete, water, food and hamac)

  2. Sir Dunnock says:

    you can take "fleshlights" to protect you from wild animals. this is how you use it: when an animal attacks, hopefully a male, when it gets on its 2 feet, you shove it up its dick and it will leave you alone and takes the fleshlight with him. against a female you just turn it around and shove it into its vag

  3. Ross Morse says:

    every one comes in with their $100 backpacks and extra $ 1000 gear. they should make totorials with breaking a stick on a tree and. sharpening it on a rock. maybe they would use a strip of cloth for rope. but with all the tools they have it gets a bit weird. "today I will show you how to make a spear, instead of surviving with the knives and Paracord I already have."

  4. liu sophie says:

    This would be no use agiast a bear if you stab a bear with this it'll probably attack you. if it's a black bear the better thing to do is be as loud as possible and make yourself look bigger than you actually are. But if it's a brown bear than playing dead would be better.

  5. H Frendal says:

    Your basic idea is right, humans did this very long time ago, but you forgot some mportant things. You can use the heat from your camp fire to harden the tip, you point will be much more effective then. Now lets say a bear or a moose did attack you, they have reach too, and longer than yours the way you demonstrate your stabbing. A Moose have a hell of a kick and will most probably outkick the lenght of your spear, and a big bear have long arms as well. On off this they can charge you, if they do its probably better to stand your ground and let them impale themselves. You also hold the spear the wrong way, you should hold it as far back as you can support the back hand against your elbow, and then the other hand in front in a way it will give you precision, many clips out there on spear fighting, have a look. Please dont try to hit a bear or a moose the way you showed, it will piss them off. I will end this by telling you that there places you NEED to hit, the neck and the heart is probably the best, but you cant stab the in the side, they will face you, then there is a minimum level of penetration to open up the organs you need to hit, eyes just need a poke but if you go for the heart you will probably have to bury your tip in the body and then some, and these babies dont have soft skins.

  6. Howdy & Fran Davis says:

    Every time I entered the forest without a weapon – I made a Spear that was approx. 7 ft long with a fire harden blade at least 8 inches long. learned from the Enuet Indians. if animal attacks, place butt of spear into the ground and point spear  at vitals and let animal impale itself.    Howdy

  7. Michael DeBell says:

    Wolves most likely won't bother you. I've never heard of a documented attack on humans. Bears are a different story. I think if you go up against a brown bear you're going to be mauled but you will probably live if you stick him just right. If you manage to kill him then you're sitting pretty in meat. Same with boar but not as bad I would imagine . Deer have been known to go off the handle every once in a while. They will attack you with the front hooves, even bucks. I played with a young buck once and his style was to strike with the front hoovs. He only used his antlers when I grabbed them and he used them to try to throw me off balance.
    Yeah, and like you said I would think that one should not throw the spear away but keep it in you're hands. After all, if the animal is attacking you why should your spear be over yonder?
    Another thing to contemplate , animals are incredibly fast. A squirrel I had when I was young bit me before I knew what happened. I didn't see the action. If a bear is coming for you he's going to be doing at least 25 mph and can keep up with an elk(American) which can run faster. I'd keep the spear down ( I would if I could keep my nerve ) and pop it up in the last seconds of the charge. . He will have less chance to dodge it or to slow enough to swipe the spear from your hands. Then again, who knows?

  8. zzzorg says:

    You will definitely need a crosspiece to prevent boars and bears to working they way up the shaft of the spear to attack you.

    btw IMO boars are the most dangerous.

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