Making A San Mai Fighting Knife | Damascus & Hitachi Blue



Knife made from Damascus & Hitachi Blue w/ Sculpted S Plunge Lines & Nickel Silver Guard and Sub Hilt w/ Stabilized Buckeye Burl Handle. Is he Crom the …

36 thoughts on “Making A San Mai Fighting Knife | Damascus & Hitachi Blue

  1. DropForgedSurvival says:

    Spencer's Home was destroyed during Hurricane Harvey. This is my way to give back and document his incredible work. As I love Filming Makers in their Element! This one was a real treat to see this come to life! Sharing this Video will help ALOT! To contact the Maker: Links in the Video Description

  2. J.Cunningstunts says:

    best employee of the fucking year. health & safety exemplary, pack of cigs, watching iPhone whilst working. Getting on breathing that gold dust, Organised and clean workshop!!! BUT WHAT A FUCKING KNIFE!

  3. Walter Papi says:

    sei molto bravo nel tuo lavoro , ma sei anche molto stupido a non utilizzare una maschera antipolvere , purtroppo vedo da come respiri che già hai dei problemi !!!!  Fai una visita dal tuo pneumologo al più presto , ed in futuro prendi in considerazione il mio consiglio .

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