Making a Military-style Combat Knife

In this video, knifemaker Walter Sorrells shows the making of a military style combat knife. While they’re called “combat knives,” this sort of knife is useful for …

34 thoughts on “Making a Military-style Combat Knife

  1. Fez200 says:

    I am making a knife for my brother who is joining the Marines in August. What is another steel you wood recommend for a tactical knife or military style knife.

  2. Professor Bagel says:

    Wait. .50 a week for 6 months. There are 52 weeks in a year. Divided by two (because 6 months half a year) is 26. 26x.50. That's only 13 bucks. Even accounting for inflation that's more than a little cheap.

  3. Finn Custom Knives says:

    PD1 is very similar to CPM 3V as I understand it. Used 3v on my first knife and loved it. I was lucky enough to have absolutely no issues with it. However I was using carbide everything on my mill and really sharp blaze belts and I had Peters do my heat treat.

  4. will krum says:

    I'm going to hopefully be ordering one of your knives soon, i hope once I'm out of the marines to start making my own. you videos lit a fire for a passion i have had, my grandparents started buying my knives when i was young and i have about 200 now. thanks for these videos. i can't stop watching

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