Making a Military-style Combat Knife – Pt 2

In this video, knifemaker Walter Sorrells continues the making of a military style combat knife. While they’re called “combat knives,” this sort of knife is useful for …

32 thoughts on “Making a Military-style Combat Knife – Pt 2

  1. damionscreations says:

    Hello Walter, first I would likely say thank you for all of the effort you put in to your videos they have been more than helpful. The question I have for you is likely a simple one. when you do your layout for any given blade how do you judge the angle to the belt to achieve the desired grind line. I assume that this mostly comes with experience but was hoping that you may have a few tips. I've seen nearly all of your videos but can't recall you touching on this specific area. thanks again for your time.

  2. Skeets K says:

    First off thanks for the videos, I have learned more about blade making than I ever though existed.
    Now to a question, and Im sure this has cropped up more than once, LAWNMOWER blades. Lots of stuff on the net about using them, and while a good steel from a supplier would probable be better, I really hate to jump in and wind up with scrap laying in the corner of the garage. So it lawnmower blades can be used, could you please go through how you would use them. If they are junk and not to bother please let me know. Now that Im old fat and retired I need to do something with my time and a place to start

  3. Mike Jones says:

    Another great video, thank you, Walter! I really like that water jet setup, do you find it comes over the top of the belt and sprays you back? Also curious why you choose to drill your holes dry, as opposed to using a cutting fluid. Thanks again!

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