Making a Knife From an Auger

Viewers raised $200 for St Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital on this knife’s charity auction! Dost Ye Rock? Behold, slow-mo plus fire and a wood auger for to …

48 thoughts on “Making a Knife From an Auger

  1. thomazneto58 says:

    Good evening dear friend. Observing your work through the video, I observed that you apply a powder in the play when it is red. Which product is this and what serves effectively?
    I thank you for your attention.

  2. Leonard Kelley says:

    I consider myself lucky to have stumbled across your channel. I'm new to knife making, and your detailed explanation and great visual referencing are simply awesome. Please keep it up!

  3. daniel luther says:

    so i live on a farm and we have some steel laying around . what kind do i use . after the forge and Quinch in oil right and temper it in oven right . ? . me and my dad tried making knives an while back.

  4. Gareth Baus says:

    If you were to put the time and resources into development of this style of knife i suspect that somewhere around the eighth to tenth version you could probably be able to produce some really nice knives with comfortable handles and good aesthetic quality due to some design refinements.

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