Making A Dagger (Fairbairn-sykes Style fighting knife)



Making A Dagger – how to make a fairbairns sykes fighting knife style dagger knife with a wooden handle using very basic tool. Support me on Patreon …

21 thoughts on “Making A Dagger (Fairbairn-sykes Style fighting knife)

  1. William Forshaw says:

    Would be cool if you used your wood work skills on making new grips/four grips for some of deacs you've got? Not sure what the law around that is but if you can could be a cool project

  2. martK banjoboy says:

    It resembles the 'private purchase' fs knives with wooden grips assembled during WWII to give to the troops. Also a bit like the ones dropped to France same era. Good job.

  3. tumbo1984 says:

    10.02… Can of pressurised engine spunk lol… Turned out great mike, a piece of angle iron works a treat for turning squared wood round mate…. When you gona do a video on that monster vice i hate you for having and not me lol

  4. zednotzee7 says:

    Nice work ! I think you were right to make the guard smaller. If it had been larger it would have looked a bit strange. Like you'd taken it off a bigger knife lol.

  5. JonsLife says:

    That's a nice looking dagger mike , pretty sure it'd do a number against whatever you poked with it
    And daggers are usually pretty thin tanged anyways , so just don't go using it like you would a knife and you won't break it

  6. G Gunner says:

    nice nice gave me an idea on a project i left a question on your vid about the stacking leather so might just do this if you go bck you will see my comment and i just replyed to it. great vid m8

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