Making a Cord-Wrapped Tactical Knife – Simple Knife for Beginning Knife Makers

In this video, knife maker Walter Sorrells demonstrates the making of a very simple knife with a handle made from paracord wrap. The emphasis of the video is to show that high quality knives…

44 thoughts on “Making a Cord-Wrapped Tactical Knife – Simple Knife for Beginning Knife Makers

  1. Seth Adam says:

    You used an under wrap because the lashing you used wont cover the handle & melting the para cord is the equivalent of a para cord bracelet. You end it with a big ugly over hand knot, this wrap will fail if you ever use it as a knife.

  2. Vin Rohm says:

    You can tighten the paracord after you're done wrapping it, by dipping it in boiling water for a full 15 seconds. This shrinks the paracord slightly, about 1/20th its original length, making it even tighter than you could have by hand.

    You probably knew that, but you didn't show that or mention it in the video.

  3. VG-13 says:

    Great video man but please cut the PORN guitar riffs I made the mistake of watching this late night and now the wa wa wa wa waaa is running through my head like 2012 Orange bowl

  4. Small Pox says:

    Walter, Love your videos. I am an avid knife maker from way back and admire your skills. I would be ashamed to show you the best of my work but they are tough and effective. I never buy knives, I just study the design and make a copy for my own enjoyment. If it breaks, and that is rare, I can make another. On another note, I think you got a raw deal on "Forged in Fire." Had they tried less to make the challenge look silly, you would have had the chance to showcase your work. You would have likely won the title. Nevertheless, your fans know who is the real champion. It is rare that I send out a kudos in knife-making videos but felt compelled to share my appreciation for your work and willingness to share your knowledge with your fan base. Great work, keep it up. Much respect.

  5. Joshua C says:

    Walter I appreciate these videos more than you'll ever know. I'm working on my third knife today and thanks to you I've learned the basics of everything I need to know.

  6. John Merlino says:

    Hey Walter, wanted to throw you a huge thank you and say how inspired I was by this video, the cord wrapped tactical knife. For the record, I am a chef, 35 years so, as well, I have been brewing my own beer as an award winning home brewer for the past 6 years. I am not tooting my horn here, but for anyone who is reading this I wanted to say your tutorials on how to make this knife, as well as some of your past ones on equipment have yielded me the perfect birthday present for my daughter who is turning 21 this 22nd of May. She is an avid outdoors woman, hiker, climber etc. and since I cant be there to protect her, I figured this would be a great time to try my hand at knife making and give her a gift that will keep on giving. Would love to send you the finished work in a really short clip so I can get your personal critique as I think this could be something I want to pursue more and more. I will say however I am not making anymore knives until my thumbs heal form the sanding, grinding, wet sanding, etc. etc. Again Walter, thank you, the channel is fricking awesome!!!

  7. VINTAGE'SGUNS1944 says:

    New to knife making maybe a stupid question, But using O1 precision ground, do I need to flatten the steel? also I checked the 18 inch piece I have seems bowed slightly don't know if this matters? just needing to see if flattening is a standard practice even with precision ground steel

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