Making a Brass Knuckles Shifter Handle ( Knuckle Duster ) from Steel Nuts // With a secret feature!



Making a Knuckle Duster from steel nuts with a little secret inside for emergency situations! Subscribe to my second channel for more videos!

24 thoughts on “Making a Brass Knuckles Shifter Handle ( Knuckle Duster ) from Steel Nuts // With a secret feature!

  1. stavr katsopr says:

    Is it going that bad in Hungary? I knew it, but didn't expect you to have done something so drastic, with an extra pick too……??? FFS m8, stay away, keep your mind cold, avoid using all these!

    PS Pls don't give yanks silly ideas, they live in their own world. They can't understand history repeat, cause they don't have any…..

  2. KYŌDɅI KΞN says:

    I would prefer if you just wouldn't use this hipster music and just play the noise of the tools and metal parts you're handling… Don't over produce your videos, you don't really need to do that.

  3. Ronald Khoo Kah Hock says:

    will you end up cooking your hand if you park the vehicle directly in the afternoon sun? Back in the day I did something similar, and replaced my car's gear knob with a metal one ( I thought it would make the car go faster 🙂 ) , y'know one of those after market metal knobs with the gear positions engraved in the above. When I parked outside in the direct sun, the gear knob would absorb heat and become really -really hot ,I mean super hot. And hen I returned and got in to drive, I grabbed the shifter knob like normal to engage thing i knew, there was a "hssss" sound, followed by a searing pain in my palm. The metal gear knob got so hot that it branded the gear position symbols right into my palm, just like something out of an Indiana Jones movie…

  4. gewerk65 says:

    Keine Waffe, nur ein Schalthebel! Der sehr schnell zur Waffe werden könnte.
    Waffengesetz (WaffG) § 2 Absatz 3
    Anlage 2 Abschnitt 1 Nr. 1.3.2 WaffG gibt eindeutig an, dass Schlagringe zu den verbotenen Waffen gehören. Somit sind Besitz und Gebrauch von selbigen in Deutschland illegal.
    Wichtig: Auch der Kauf von einem Schlagring ist per Gesetz verboten. Es ist also auch illegal, diesen zu erwerben, um ihn beispielsweise in einer Vitrine zur Schau zu stellen oder in anderer Funktion zu nutzen.

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