25 thoughts on “Makhloev vs Stadnichenko M1 Medieval

  1. Allen Galloway says:

    This is highly problematic and illiberal. If celebrating a history of racism via acts of violence weren't enough — none of the competitors are people of color. As an American progressive I won't even consider watching this sport until there is an African champion and the sport recognizes the contributions of LGBT medieval communities.

  2. TheRomanRuler says:

    Ehm, i am no expert, but i don´t think this is proper HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts aka how they actually fought)… You would not use sword uselessly like that, you would use it for thrusting most of the time. For hacking or slashing you would use mace or axe.
    This does not look like 2 experts fighting, it looks like bad Hollywood or 2 amateurs fighting.

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