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Many prestigious credit cards are now made out of metal. This allows for sharpening and usage of these cards for survival situations or as a handy back up knife.

29 thoughts on “Make a Credit Card Knife | BeatTheBush

  1. 4 Motion says:

    Great videollll. Lol. I think that the Saphire reserved comes that perk too.
    At home do you use cards to cut stuff or do you use regular knifes?
    That's is good to use in case of emergencies I guess.. you know James BOnd kind of thing ….but is good to know, the thing is that I can not imagine having a BBQ an that all my tools are credits cards Can you handed me the platinum I need to cut something?

  2. Mary Hawkins says:

    I have the Chase Freedom and applied for the Chase Sapphire Preferred the same week. It was denied, I asked why they said I applied too close the time of the previous one. But was told I could reapply anytime. I asked when to increase my likelihood of being approved. Chase said anytime. I'm like "duh". I got an etra hard inquiry for nothing. Should I wait a month or two months?

  3. Malamik Art says:

    LOL such a guy thing to do! For the survivalist. lol Okay that was sexist a bit…
    On a side note: I'd love to see someone whip that out at a restaurant and slice their food with it. haha

  4. Jay Fisk says:

    Haha I use mine as a windshield ice scraper as I'm too cheap to run the defrosters. Chase mentioned in their earnings call that the Sapphire program cost the bank nearly 250 million but on the plus side, the whole campaign went viral and they exceeded their projections by a huge margin spending pennies for marketing. True story !

  5. Rob B says:

    I'm not sure we should do such sharpening at all, but if we do then perhaps use welding gloves to avoid such a cut? I wear welding gloves now and then, like sometimes when picking up certain tree parts (they can be sharp).

  6. Scott Reyes says:

    I'd like to see an some steps on how to organize credit cards. I have ten personally and of the ten I have 2 I use regularly and couple specific store cards like lowes for example. I'm working on ways to earn credit card rewards. I have a credit union card that lets me pay all of my loans with a credit card and I don't get charged a fee. I'm in the process of obtaining a heloc that lets me ( speed pay with my credit card ) the reason I want to do this is because I want to earn rewards on everything I spend from candy to mortgage. I have an a have a bank account that my pay goes into . Have a second account that I have my mortgage come out of that account will be funded by my heloc and the heloc is paid by credit card and the credit card is paid by my 1st account so I funnel everything through my credit cArd making sure I get rewards for everything.

  7. The Wolf says:

    Can you imagine how hands have touched that card! Wouldn't use that for any food.
    Neat video especially since a lot of your videos are about credit cards this is a funny one of a kind video!

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