MAD MAX Melee Combat | Shiv Finisher Break Down



Hey FIT-GAMERS, In this FIT-GAMER Fight Move episode, we break down one of Mad Max’s finishing moves where he uses a shiv to take down his opponent.

22 thoughts on “MAD MAX Melee Combat | Shiv Finisher Break Down

  1. edi says:

    Damn, I even gave up asking and now you finally delivered LOL. This makes me retry my other two requests:
    1) Assassins Creed Black Flag Edward Kenways fighting style
    2) How would you deal with an angry biker, who has his helmet still on?

  2. mann cave moment says:

    Actually I believe Max is trained Before the Apocalypse he was a cop I believe I enjoyed the video anyway though A fight I really want to see you break down is the fight with Bruce and dick in Titans season 2 I just saw it today and I thought was kick ass Would love if you could break it down

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