Machete & Sword Fighting | Kali | Doug Marcaida

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24 thoughts on “Machete & Sword Fighting | Kali | Doug Marcaida

  1. Mikey G says:

    his friend has huge balls. literally touches him multiple times with blades and twists him around in painful ways and he barely flinches, and only does from pain.

  2. Guru Murphinda says:

    Phillipino martial arts is very effective… I trained for a while with Ian Corrigan (One of Dan Inosanto's pupils) and learned a lot about Hand Trapping and weapons work.

    Up close its excellent and utilises simple but effective joint lock and take downs.

    I used to be good at the ground work but Kali was fairly limited in this so I moved over to Catch Wrestling for 5 years. Broke my nose and eye socket… LOL Currently looking for a new Kali Club in the Wigan area.

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