Machete fighting – power,speed,precision. A.C.T. – Armed Combat & Tactics

To fight with the machete or a bolo means to MOVE and I mean fast. Best line of defense – DON’T BE THERE. Your best friend is speed. Your best bet – cut first.

50 thoughts on “Machete fighting – power,speed,precision. A.C.T. – Armed Combat & Tactics

  1. Mythical Mango says:

    I love this, this is real realistic martial training. It helps the human mind and muscle gain what it needs to apply to a real machete fight situation…unless you get backstabbed while your unaware.

  2. 이치고 says:

    And by the way have you guys noticed how hard you bash your machetes at each other? Machetes dont have thick spines; theyre thin blades and they will break if you keep doing that

  3. 이치고 says:

    This is much like polish saber fencing. And in case you didnt know hema teaches this concept as well. The weapon is known as a "falchion" or in german as a "messer" and europeans have done this way before latins knew what a machete was. Anyways great video

  4. curseofa5r5a says:

    a machete is by far one of the deadliest weapons you can get, cheap, easy to find and extremely dangerous in the rigth hands, who nees an expensive sword when you have an affordable and just as lethal machete

  5. ACTdirector says:

    I wouldn;t know , they are hand crafted per our specs and demands. But there is a core and there some padding. However they are unique as they are of the proper weight , balance, shape and behave like weapons, they have great feel , safe yet realistic and they have great blades.

  6. ACTdirector says:

    Well, our machete fighting style is influenced by saber fencing , filipino martial arts and lots of sparring experience against opponents in many countries in the world. Self taught? Yes, in a sense, you take what works and throw away the fluff. Thank you for the praise!

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