4 thoughts on “Machatz. Kung Fu San Soo. Must See knife defense.

  1. Tj P says:

    The only question I have is what if he snaps with his attack so you don't have those 3 seconds to see him coming at you and move? No disrespect but I'm just saying, I can stab or strike really fast and know how to attack without telegraphing. It's not only speed but technique that makes the eye unable to detect your strike or whatever attack you do.

  2. Pasha Bahsoun says:

    @pdylan61 That's a valid point, however in a real fight, on the street or otherwise, sometimes you're going to have to sacrifice part of your body to win the fight or escape with your life. It's not ideal, but sometimes it's necessary. Handful of blood is preferred over a punctured vital organ.

  3. jessestern says:

    These are great techniques, and they work, but you need to REALLY understand the foundation, as demonstrated at the beginning of the video. If you want to learn this stuff, please take the time to really learn it. Regarding grabbing the knife by the blade: there are some subtleties (balance, body mechanics, type of knife) that can't be fully covered in a video or video comment, but the short story is, 'better a hand full of blood than a neck full of blood'.

  4. shlomo kapelnikov says:

    ….. This is 1 side 12 inch military blade knife,it is risky….(you mast grab the knife on the dull side)..ONLY when you have no more option you exceed this action, I rather have a hand full of blood then a neck full of blood .

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