M48 Double Bladed Tactical Tomahawk Review, Mods, Throws



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26 thoughts on “M48 Double Bladed Tactical Tomahawk Review, Mods, Throws

  1. BnDy says:

    Imagine the hand movement up the handle at 2:29, except an inch or two further up and the blade goes into your hand. Yeah that’s what I did with mine. Got stabbed :/

    Not that it’s gonna stop me from using it. I’m just more careful now, and tend to keep the sheath on when I’m not actually using the blade.

  2. Jeff Hutter says:

    Thanks for giving me hours upon hours of videos and entertainment as well as gain some knowledge since subscribing! I have a random question about this battle axe. I bought it the other day and should be receiving it tomorrow. I love the M48 cyclone so I figured I would try this out. My question is about the axe's strength and durability. I was watching one particular video on Youtube (I don't want to say any names) and they threw it at what seemed like a regular pallet and damaged the edge. Another YouTube video (different user) was smashing cinder blocks and it seemed to hold up. Not that I really want to go out and smash up cinder blocks or even attempt to but is what's your take on that? Is this thing really that strong? I'm kinda skeptical tbh.

  3. Paul'ie 4X The Consiglior says:

    Say Heah, I got a M-48 years ago when I bought a few knives from a friend going out of business, I got a Godfather Switchblade yeah the good one and a Fallkniven Njord, a Puma Eiche Wolf and a few other things all for $400.00, Yeah the Throwing Hawk is a M-48, but different to yours, although it has a bunch of points all over. I take it out on our bush craft trios to horse around with the guys, It's fun.

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