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  1. Roger Williams says:

    I want a knife with a cutlass (at least) guard.  How do you keep from someone slicing fingers off immediately when blocking them?  I love bowie knives, it's what I practice with, but I mostly do it because I can no longer practice martial arts, I think a knife fight would be a very bad thing for whoever doesn't move first or doesn't counter/evade and respond perfectly the first time.  People I've seen (once in person) and on videos are erratic many times, no way to practice for it.

  2. Verithiell says:

    there is hope in hand if you have decent training. ANd what is that supposed to be? Knives are for stabbing sir, thats what msot people will do to you if they want to kill you. Frankly, it just looks ridiculous. Pull it off in full contant, full speed sparring.

  3. Cold Steel says:

    @BladeCheck101 Check out the Warriors Edge DVD. It might give you some ideas to inspire or inform your training. When there's a knife in the hand there's hope in the heart 🙂

  4. Christophe Clugston says:

    One thing you forgot to incorporate is that the one of two knives is going to cut the leg. It won't be all of this high line attack stuff. Anyone who actually fights with two knives will engage you in two lines not just one line. And your moving will have to become a lot better to keep your leg safe.

  5. BenX74 says:

    Wouldn't you need a real good guard hilt or even a blade catch on your knive to do this technique? I somehow doubt that a guard as used on the CS Tai Pan would protect your fingers very well in this scenario …

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