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  1. Coolnicknameguy says:

    tell Lynn to check out Alexander Zhelezniak, hes the best knife, machete fighter I have ever seen, he teaches people and I know Lynn loves to learn all he can about fighting, this guy Alexander is like the modern Achillies, I swear he bests every 1 with out ever getting hit, hes got youtube videos and hes just awesome, Id go train with him but I dont have the money to fly to izrael where the guys from our europ where he teaches alot, but Im sure Lynn could aford it

  2. Cold Steel says:

    Firstly you seem to be under the misguided belief that knives are only owned by criminals. I assure you that's not the case.
    Secondly, knife fighting is a big part of many martial arts systems. Are you posting similar comments on every weapons based martial arts tutorial on youtube? Or is it just knives in particular that you have chosen to vilify?

  3. iHateAshleyGraham says:

    lynn thompson is an awesome guy. Ive watched a lot of his videos and i assure that this video is one for people who have never had knife training. this video is at such a low pace its impossible to judge his skill from. he is a really smart guy when it comes to knives and a great designer. i would recommend his other videos. specially Lynn thompson types of knives series. very informitive

  4. MrPainfulTruth says:

    This stuff is like a religion: you buy into one philosophy and may get once into a situation where you will find out wether what you learned is worth anything or just complete bullshit. Whatever people comment in here about schools, tradition and so on means nothing.

    All i know is from first hand experience is, when you get into the situation, most likely you forgot whatever you wanted to carry with you in the kitchen.

  5. Kn says:

    I'm Filipino, trained in the use of a blade, and I just keep laughing when watching this guy. Oh Lord… please don't tell me he's licensed to teach

  6. Cold Steel says:

    @WalrusDoom We train 7 days a week and we train hard. If you do that without wearing protective gear or using padded weapons you break bones very quickly and then you can't train at all. We also train with limited armor and with steel knives (but this is much more dangerous and has much greater risk of injury). We promote training smart, training often and taking risks once in a while rather than ending up in hospital before you've put the time and grade into training.

  7. Wolves says:

    @Nix6p Yes. Real men never leave the home without wearing their lacrosse gloves. When battle comes to the unwary, many who die perish because they weren't wearing lacrosse gloves.

    Oh and yeah they also die because they've watched these hilariously stupid "knife fighting" dildo videos.

  8. rexxar12345 says:

    @karkkosvolfe Keep being smart about that… But i didn't see you comment anything about the Norwegian terrorist and his 76 victims, shot by legally gained weapons. To put weapons in the hands of civilians is a very risky thing…

  9. MrEdium says:

    In Canada you have the right to own guns, much more than here, & you know what? Less crime. They sleep with their door's unlocked. I totally beleive in the 2nd Ammendment. Why does our goverment want to control use so much? The average citizen lives in feer because we are like lamb waiting to be slaughtered.It's true, the criminals will ALWAYS find a way to get guns & if they go to prison? It's like going to college. They learn more about crime.

  10. rexxar12345 says:

    @karkkosvolfe What a bunch of bullshit, take the recent case, where a norwegian terrorist owned 2 legally gained weapons and molled down 76 people. And also, you compare ancient societys with the modern world? You compare a time where people enjoyed killing other people (Roman gladiators), with modern society? Damn….

  11. Tweezil Pson says:

    @karkkosvolfe Im not sure but in utah u can carry almost everything but in Cali u can barely carry a cane and theres less crime in utah? Is that correct? I totally suport the legal rights to carry at least knives, guns are open for discussion

  12. dragle009 says:

    i would seriously love to talk to Lynn Thompson about swords, battle tactics, and strategy. I'm know a lot about martial arts and weapons and I've been reading up about him. The guy knows his stuff! Its really exciting to know that there are others that like to "live by the sword." I'd just like to share knowledge with the guy.

    Keep posting videos!!

  13. doomsdale91 says:

    lol it probably wont mean mass-murder, because mass murder is always going to happen. but yes alot more fearless criminals lol and thats not something you wanna be up against

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