11 thoughts on “Low angle knife defense

  1. Sifu Michael says:

    Indeed he will not. And he might try and grab you and pull you into the knife while stabbing repeatedly. I know. But thank you for noticing and commenting. Please continu to be critical. Criticisme helps to improve and question whether we are on the right path. If you notice anything else in any of my vids worth commenting on. Please, don't hesitate to do so.


  2. john cott says:

    Having been in a few knife attackes when I was working , I have to say there is a lot of blood and you will get cut . It's all about damage limitation . That's trying not to get cut too badly .In truth awareness and running away is the best form of defence . Only if you have no choice would I take someone on with a knife

  3. vidgamek1 says:

    i've seen a very very similar technique displayed in krav maga. and i truly believe in the last sentence. it is always best to run if cornered i imagine the use of something like that technique should be advised.

  4. Sifu Michael says:

    Against a normal assailant you have a lot more options. In this scenario the knife is concealed a you have very little time to react. If someone brandishes the knife in a reversed grip. Then most people would have to bring it up to stab. So we are talking about stabs here. A skilled knife fighter can stab and slash no matter how he holds the knife. And has at least 10 angles of attack. (Unlike what some people would tell you)

  5. VickThorrable says:

    You have a great reaction time, i especially like the instance where you were seemingly combing your hair! Pretty enjoyable to watch and learn a thing or two. Thank you for demonstrating and sharing!

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