Long Form Training Video – FE Knife Video Series – 4 of 4

FE Knife Series conceptualized and designed by Arcenio James Advincula and Alabama Knife Maker Jim Hammond. This video is the 4th in a series of knife …

17 thoughts on “Long Form Training Video – FE Knife Video Series – 4 of 4

  1. james sholtz says:

    I met Sensei in 77 or 78 at Paris Island and had instructions under him. I bumped into him in Mandeville Louisiana in the early 2000s. He remembered me. A true Master. And a great man.

  2. Don Griffiths says:

    I first asked Sensei Advincula to forget about a good general purpose combat knife, I wanted the ultimate fighting knife.  This is how the Flesheater was conceived.  When I received the Prototype from Jim, Serial 00, upon removing it from the sheath, it sliced through part of the sheath and took a little bite.  Jim asked how I liked it.  I told him about it slicing through the sheath, biting me, and I said it was a real "flesheater."  

    As far as history goes, there isn't anyone currently living who has done more research on Okinawan Karate or the Filipino arts. So, I would question your facts before Sensei' Advincula's.

  3. Stefan Rasmussen says:

    There are some good points, but he certainly is not a very good reeverse grip knife fighter 🙂 i've made a few knives inspireret by this one, and others like it, lovely shapes. Tough i do see the hollow Ground edge as a disadvantage, When trying to retain an edge. At least "in the field". The hollow Ground Can potentially become sharper, but harder to keep. Could be Real Nice with a points pommel like on the treeman combat knives.

  4. All Ways Right says:

    I have trained with Sensei since I was 11 years old. I am 57 years old now.   There is no one better that knows what is needed for combat.  Take the time and research Master Advincula Bio.  He is a unknown Master. I love this weapon.

  5. Andrew Trigueros says:

    This is not an outdoors knife, its a combat knife, the sharpened top edge enables easy back cutting, and easy penetration. If you can sharpen a curved blade then perhaps you need to look into a different sharpener.

  6. Michael Whiteley says:

    This is an incredible knife! Every part of the weapon was designed for a specific purpose, and understanding the knife and style (Largo Mano) are necessary for maximizing the advantages. "The blade dictates the style." Great video!

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